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  • Football Homecoming Court
  • Jan Powell training for Iron Man event

    Special to The Trimble Banner
    The countdown has begun! Just a few more days and Jan Powell will be swimming, running, and bicycling her way to the finish line. On Sept. 25, 2016, in Chattanooga Tenn., she will begin the journey of 144.6 miles triathlon, entitled the Iron Man.

  • Henry water district tackles large storage tank project

    By Chris Brooke
    Landmark News Service
    Because painting and repairing the 48-year-old, 200,000-gallon water tank would have cost a couple hundred thousand dollars, the Henry County Water District decided to install a new million-gallon tank, according to Director Jimmy Simpson.
    The old water tower, tall enough to loom over the trees on stilt-like legs on a rise just off U.S. 42 in Trimble County, obviously could use a fresh coat of paint, and Simpson said that goes inside and out.

  • Health issues, lower property values among concerns voiced at hearing on LG&E landfill

    The Trimble Banner
    “LG&E cares more about cave critters than it does human life.”
    This was one of many comments made by residents of Ogden Ridge Road Tuesday, Aug. 30. The Division of Waste Management, Solid Waste Branch held a public hearing on the Louisville Gas & Electric-Trimble County Generating Station Permit no. 112-00008/Agency Interest No. 4054.

  • Big Brothers, Big Sisters now officially in Trimble County

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  • Apple Cider Relay

    Teams of 4
    1 person at the Starting Line
    2 people at the center
    1 person at the end

    Each team pours the cups FULL
    Pick up the tray and adjust to holding with ONE hand
    Step on Starting line.

    Member 1 walks to the center and transfers to Member 2.
    Member 2 walks to the end and transfers to Member 3.
    Member 3 walks back to the center and transfers to Member 4.

  • Trimble County Sheriff’s Department Call Log

    Monday, Aug. 15
    3:36 p.m., Social Service Referral, 134 Smitha Rd
    4:57 p.m., Social Service Referral, New Hope Rd
    5:53 p.m., Social Service Referral, 538 Northridge Dr
    6:23 p.m., All EMS, 3637 Mt Pleasant Rd
    7:13 p.m., Domestic Abuse, 2800 block Highway 421N
    8:05 p.m., DUI complaint, Rapid Fire Auction
    Tuesday, Aug. 16
    8:01 a.m., Accident with injuries, 6356 Highway 421N
    11:24 a.m., Criminal Mischief, 1107 Racetrack Rd
    2:24 p.m., All EMS, 116 Wentworth Ave


    Items published in court news are public record.
    The Trimble Banner publishes all misdemeanors, felonies and small-claims judgments recorded in district court, as well as all civil suits recorded in circuit court. Juvenile court cases are not published.
    Crime reports are provided by local law enforcement agencies. Charges or citations reported to The Trimble Banner do not imply guilt.
    The following cases were heard in Trimble District Court during the week of Aug. 22, 2016:

  • Memorial balloon launch
  • Scenarios envisioned if the school nickel tax vote is successful in Nov.

    Dear Readers,
    In the past week I have continued to hear of questions regarding the Nickel tax and urgent needs funding. It is my goal to answer those questions in this week’s article. The questions asked are:
    •What if the nickel tax does not pass? What are the consequences?
    •What if the tax passes but the legislature does not give Trimble any urgent needs funds?
    •What is the cost to the citizens of Trimble County should the nickel tax pass?
    •Why should renters care?