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  • Couple honored for service to 4-H youth

    A Trimble County couple’s commitment to the Commonwealth’s 4-H horse program was recognized at this year’s state 4-H horse show.

    For 25 years of volunteer service to the organization, Gus and Beth Wagner were honored at the annual show held July 2 at Broadbent Arena in Lexington.

    The couple’s initial involvement with the club was due to the participation of their children, Elizabeth and Robert.

  • County uses new methods to get ‘deadbeat’ parents back on track


    The News-Democrat

    Behind on your child support payments? Then you might expect any of the following to occur soon: There may be a Denver “boot” placed on your car, making it inoperable until you pay up; you may be refused a drink at your favorite bar; or your hunting or fishing license may be revoked.

  • ‘Patriot’ games at Butler golf course


    The News-Democrat

    One way to honor and support fallen and injured U.S. soldiers is to play golf at a state park golf course on Aug. 30. On that day, players will be able to donate to Wounded Warriors Inc.

    With backing from the U.S. Golf Association and the PGA of America, all Kentucky state park golf courses will be participating in Patriot Golf.

    Money raised also benefits the Fallen Heroes Foundation.

  • Turn in drunken drivers, even if they’re family


    Can someone please tell me what to do about the drinking and driving in Carroll County? It’s gotten way out of control.

    Do I turn in my spouse of 20 years? My 18-year-old daughter? My best friend? My boss at work? And if we do turn in the ones we love, then who is going to turn in the people who leave the bar? Or the people who leave the liquor store? Or the ones who leave the party?

  • It's time for Carrollton to better enforce ordinances

    To me, it’s obvious, based on statements made at Monday’s Carrollton City Council meeting, that there are many residents who don’t feel that our elected officials are doing enough to clean up this city of about 4,000.

    Several folks came before council and said they feel frustrated that their complaints seem to go unheard.

    I understand what they are saying; it seems that this same argument has been circulating through town for the entire six-and-a-half-plus years I’ve been editor here.

  • Ghent seeks nuisance ordinance enforcement from county


    The News-Democrat

    The Ghent City Commission is unhappy with the way the county is handling the nuisance ordinance.

    The ordinance was approved and adopted by the commission, but the county is responsible for enforcement.

    Several properties have been referred to the county because of noncompliance with the ordinance, said Commissioner and ordinance supervisor David Hendren. Problems range from inoperable cars to trash and debris littering properties

  • Boys golf team young, but has potential, McEuen says


    The News-Democrat

    As the long-time boys golf coach at Carroll County High School, Warren McEuen doesn’t mind saying he taught some of the parents of the boys on his team when they were in high school.

    “This is a young team,” McEuen said. His two oldest players are juniors this year; many of their teammates are in middle school.  

    And because he is planning to retire in about three years, McEuen knows he will not see some of his youngest players make it to their senior year.

  • KU refinancing bonds for Ghent plant


    The News-Democrat

    New and old revenue bonds were at the heart of the fiscal court meeting, Tuesday morning.

    An attorney for Kentucky Utilities asked for the first reading of an ordinance authorizing the issue of environmental facilities revenue bonds not to exceed $77,947,405.

  • Chrysler granted possession of Nelson dealership


    The News-Democrat

    Appearing in Carroll County Circuit Court without legal representation Monday, local dealership owner Todd Nelson seemed not to understand the procedings surrounding a move by Chrysler Financial Services to take over his business.

    In a decision by Circuit Judge Stephen L. Bates, Chrysler was granted a “writ of possession” for the dealership and property. Nelson, owner of Nelson Automotive Group, was ordered to surrender the dealership and all the inventory and other proerty to Chrysler.

  • Milton hilltop restaurant celebrates anniversary

    As other small family eateries are succumbing to financial difficulties, Our House Restaurant is preparing to celebrate five years serving home-cooked meals.

    “I think serving real food made here at the restaurant has kept us going while others have closed their doors,” owner Sherry Burkhardt said last week. “Not too many places have that anymore.”