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  • Relieving health issues caused by stress

    Are you aware that stress is anything that interrupts balance in your body? The impact of this can be devastating. A person normally stores energy for the body’s ongoing daily functions.

    These reserves are mobilized in a crisis. This reaction to stress is called the Fight or Flight
    Response; it has a role to enable the body to have the ability to deal with a temporary life-and-death threat. In an emergency situation, different organ systems are activated and others are inhibited. 

  • Don’t be grudgin’ and judgin’

    There’s this woman. I’ve only met her in person two or three times, but she and I belong to the same professional organization of women authors and speakers, so I see her name continually. About 10 or so years ago she did something that I thought was reprehensible and I took great pleasure in knowing it’s one of God’s top 10 “thou shalt nots” and that she would one day reap what she had sown. That’s not just karma; that’s biblical - a double whammy.


    30 Years Ago (Feb. 4, 1982)
     Annual rainfall for Jan. is 3.5 inches. Trimble County had had about 6.5 inches and Saturday another 2 inches of rainfall was added, sending creeks romping again. While rain was in this area, a 200-300 mile stretch about 50 miles wide had 12 inches of snow for St. Louis to Indianapolis. One-tenth inch of rain equals one inch of snow, thus we could have awaken to a snow-paralysis state on Sunday morning.

    Homecoming King and Queen Friday night were Junior Terry Howerton and Freshman Traci Brierly.

  • Son’s squadron returns home from deployment

    When it comes to ceremony, pomp and circumstance, no one does it better than the United States Marine Corps.

  • Dodging suicide planes aboard a aircraft carrier

    Special to The Trimble Banner

  • Ky. House passes Rep. Rand’s resolution against federal plan limiting child farm labor

    FRANKFORT - Seeking to stop a federal change severely limiting how much help teenagers could provide on a farm, the Kentucky House of Representatives put its unanimous support today behind Rep. Rick Rand’s resolution calling on the U.S. Department of Labor to rescind its proposal.

  • Trimble County Community Calendar

    Wednesday, Feb. 1
    Trimble County Board of Education meets at 6 p.m. at the Administration Building on Wentworth Ave.

    Thursday, Feb. 2
    Trimble County Hymn Sing will start at 7 p.m. at the Bedford Pentecostal Church on Hwy 42 West. Everyone welcome.

    Trimble County Raiders boys’ basketball hosts North Oldham. Freshmen game 5 p.m., junior varsity 6 p.m. followed by varsity game at approximately 7:30 p.m.

    Friday, Feb. 3

  • KSP checkpoints planned

    The Kentucky State Police will be conducting traffic safety checkpoints in the counties of Oldham, Trimble, Henry, Owen, Carroll and Gallatin during the period of Feb. 6 - 20, 2012.

    The intent of a traffic safety checkpoint is to provide for high visibility public safety service, focusing on vehicular equipment deficiencies, confirming appropriate registration of vehicles and the licensing of drivers. Violations of law or other public safety issues that arise shall be addressed in accordance with Kentucky traffic and regulatory laws.

  • Trimble County Sheriff's Log 02-01-12

    Monday, Jan. 23
    9:59 a.m., school visit, Milton Elementary School.
    10:25 a.m., school visit, Bedford Elementary School.
    1:51 p.m., warrant service, 100 block Morton Ridge Rd
    2:10 p.m., school visit, Milton Elementary School.
    3:06 p.m., school zone detail, school traffic at Trimble County High School

    Tuesday, Jan. 24
    8:33 a.m., school visit, Trimble County Middle School
    11:34 a.m., school visit, Trimble County Middle School
    11:54 a.m., assisted motorist, Little Town & Country