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  • Historic Preston Plantation
  • Storm cleanup, damage assessment ongoing

    The cleanup is ongoing from the tornadoes that swept through Trimble County on Friday, March 2. Representatives from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, insurance adjusters and local officials have been busily touring the county assessing damages and working up estimates of losses.

    No one in the county is busier these days than Trimble County Emergency Management Director Ronnie McCane.

  • Trimble added to counties eligible for federal assistance

    Governor Steve Beshear received notification Tuesday (March 13) that President Barack Obama has authorized assistance for residents of five additional Kentucky counties that suffered significant damage as a result of Friday’s tornadoes and severe storms.

    The President’s action makes federal funding available to affected individuals in the counties of Grayson, Larue, Ohio, Russell and Trimble. This brings the total number of counties receiving federal aid to 21.

  • Trimble added to counties eligible for federal assistance

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    30 Years Ago (March 11, 1982)
    Mrs. Debra Ball’s fourth grade class made a miniature city of Washington, D.C. with buildings carved out of Ivory soaps.

    Gallatin brings Trimble Co. JV girls season to an end. The Wildcats defeated the Raiders in the 31st district tournament by 40-35.

    Deaths: Virginia Katherine Jackson Beckley, 56, Louisville; Louis E. Bierck, 95, Milton.

    70 Years Ago (March 5, 1942)

  • Budget vote expected this week

    As it normally does during the first full week of March in even-numbered years, the Kentucky House of Representatives will vote on its proposed budget this week to run state government.            

  • Consumer protection, meth lab reduction focus of Senate action

    Another week goes by in a whirl of legislative meetings, visits from hometown folks and organized groups such as 4-H and the 874K Coalition. Even though the House has yet to act on the budget proposal, senators continue to educate ourselves and monitor the budget meetings in the House.  In addition, senators continue to meet in small groups to review the different budget needs of the various agencies. We expect to receive the House proposal next week.