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  • Community calendar | Feb. 1, 2018

    Thursday, Feb. 1

    The Trimble County Board of Elections will meet at 2 p.m. in the county clerk’s office. The meeting will take place following the drawing for ballot positions in the May primary.

    Thursday, Feb. 8

    Milton City Commission meets at the Milton Municipal Building at 7:00 p.m.

    Saturday, Feb. 10

  • House bill creates earmarked fund for drug settlements

    In ways large and small, illegal drug use touches all of us. It steals the future of those addicted, it tears at the lives of their loved ones, it fills our prisons beyond capacity, it strains local and state government budgets, it overwhelms first responders and substance-abuse treatment programs and it keeps businesses from finding the workers they need.

  • Do you remember, Looking Back | Feb. 1, 2018

    Feb. 4, 1988 (30 years ago)

    More than 70 citizens packed the Trimble County courtroom to discuss concerns about Valley View Landfill accepting waste from as far away as New Jersey. Laidlaw Waste Systems, owners of the landfill, filed a request to expand the refuse site by 300 acres. The facility’s permit allowed 80 acres. Judge Jack Couch said although the community development committee was studying alternatives, there were no moves made to adopt an ordinance for planning and zoning in the county.

  • Chippy’s misfortune and other hardships of life

    As the story goes, Chippy the parakeet never saw it coming.

    His owner had decided to use the vacuum cleaner hose to clean out Chippy’s cage – with Chippy still sitting on his perch.

    As Chippy’s owner turned on the vacuum cleaner, the phone rang, and as she reached to answer it, the vacuum cleaner hose moved slightly toward Chippy and – “thwuuupp!”

    Chippy’s owner immediately dropped the phone and tore open the vacuum cleaner bag to rescue a very dusty, very scared bird.


    The youthful Trimble County Lady Raiders, winless after 15 contests this season, finally broke the string of disappointments with a comfortable 47-28 win on the road Jan. 24 at Kentucky Country Day.

    With the exception of lone senior starter Karli Tilley, Trimble coach Kerrie Stewart has sent what would normally be considered a junior varsity-age starting lineup against formidable teams all season. Trimble’s underclassmen starters include a sophomore, two freshmen and a seventh grader.

  • A nickel tax clarification

    The old adage goes, “The only two things certain in life are death and taxes.” Recently, I got a lesson on the tax-side of that saying.

    In the Jan. 11 edition of the Banner, Trimble County Schools Superintendent Steve Miracle wrote a column seeking opposing opinion to the nickel tax with a survey. In this article, he discussed how the nickel tax would apply in certain situations, such as farms, for example. He also provided his source information to the Banner.

  • The kings of Homecoming

    Three games in four nights proved to be an exhausting stretch for the Trimble County Raiders last week. The boys played the first two on the road, resulting in a 63-61 loss at Louisville’s J. Graham Brown High School on Tuesday and a hard-fought 70-58 defeat at Gallatin County on Thursday night. In spite of fatigue, the Raiders returned home on Friday to capture a 62-56 win over Villa Madonna in the annual Homecoming Game.

  • Bedford Elementary announces students for 2nd 9 weeks honor roll

    The following students made the honor roll during the second nine weeks at Bedford Elementary.

    Fourth Grade All A

    Gavin Beisler, Anna Brierly, Morgan Stark, Briley Clifford and Zachary Rice.

    Fourth Grade A/B

    Elliott Easter, Kilei Law, Halle Liter, Avery Stockdale, Jocie Stucker, Landon Carter, Alix Ellis, Jackson Hosler, Case Keeton, Rayven Nutgrass, Taylor Sparrow, Dani Sullivan and Maya Wigren.

    Fifth Grade All A

  • Lice infecting cattle most active during winter

    Lice could be to blame for cattle scratching to the point of rubbing off large patches of hair or creating raw sores. The biting and sucking lice that infest cattle are most numerous and active during winter and can spread easily from animal by direct contact. Confirm that lice are the reason for the scratching by examining some animals in the herd. Part the animal’s hair in spots where lice are likely to occur and look for lice eggs (nits) attached to hairs (Figure 1).

    Biting Lice

  • Thomas pleads with students to avoid alcohol, substance abuse


    Special to the Banner

    Jerod Thomas spoke about his journey from being a football player to alcohol, drug addiction, jail and his long recovery to Trimble County Middle and High school students Jan. 19.