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  • Trimble County Sheriff’s Department Call Log

    Monday, March 14
    9:26 a.m., welfare check, 895 Thorn Hill Rd
    9:59 a.m., suspicious vehicle, Sulphur Bedford Rd & Hwy 42W
    2:55 p.m., illegal burn, Devin Dr
    3:44 p.m., animal complaint, Cutshaw Ln
    4:51 p.m., patrol requested, 10430 Hwy 421N
    Tuesday, March 15
    10:48 a.m., property dispute, 10328 Hwy 421N
    10:59 a.m., traffic stop, 12926 Hwy 421N
    2:02 p.m., process service, 632 West St
    2:14 p.m., process service, 25 High Ridge Ct
    2:39 p.m., process service, 821 Lower Middle Creek Rd


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    The following cases were heard the week of March 14:


  • Medicine

    While returning from a day full of errands with my children, my eldest and I were in a conversation regarding the taste of medications. I wondered aloud why some of the prettiest colored elixirs were hiding the most abominable of flavors. It seems to be a cruel hoax to play on a trusting young child.

  • Spring gardening on a budget

    If you are a gardener or are thinking about gardening, spring is definitely a welcome season. Gardening can save you a significant amount of money at the grocery store. If you are planting a produce garden and it can also add curb appeal to your home, increasing your home’s value. However, did you know that there are some considerations that you should keep in mind to save money when planning your spring garden?

  • Eastern tent caterpillar egg hatch begins in Central Ky.

    Eastern tent caterpillar egg hatch was reported March 17 in Scott County.

  • Tech center offers dual credit courses

    Special to The Trimble Banner

  • Farmers urged to support 4-H Ag Tag

    LEXINGTON, KY - The Kentucky 4-H Foundation is asking farmers to make the $10 Ag Tag donation in the month of March as they renew their farm license plates at their county clerk’s office. When Kentucky farmers make their donations they are providing Kentucky 4-Hers in every county opportunities to develop leadership, citizenship, and life skills.

  • Be alert to marijuana use

    Dear Readers,   
    Trimble County is not unlike any other community in the commonwealth or in our nation that is not at times struggling to deal with drug abuse among our youth. This is a very serious matter that is a community issue and requires everyone to be diligent in our attempts to deter our children/students from using. Marijuana is the drug that teens often start with.

  • Archery underway at Trimble

    Special to The Trimble Banner
    Many students play a wide variety of sports throughout their educational career. In a small school district it is common to watch someone play basketball and see them again during track or football. However, TCPS also offers archery.