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  • Meet Amy Eversole: New City Attorney for Bedford, Milton

    Special to The Trimble Banner
    As new laws are introduced, new politicians take office, administrations change or shift…these events can mean big changes for small towns like Bedford and Milton. To ensure our communities are within the legal parameters of the law Amy L. Eversole has been hired for the job.
    “I have been the City Attorney for Carrolton since 2015, have had the privilege to be the City Attorney for Bedford since 2016 and now in Milton as of 2017,” she said.

  • Trimble’s All A Classic run ends in Final Four

    The Trimble Banner
    FRANKFORT, Ky.—The Trimble County Lady Raiders’ quest to win the school’s first basketball state championship ended in a Final Four matchup with eventual state champion Monroe County in the All A Classic in the Frankfort Convention Center Saturday. The girls are the first ever TCHS team to advance to the Final Four in any state tournament, becoming one of only four teams remaining of the 120 Class A high schools in Kentucky who began the tournament.

  • Descent Into Eccentric

    Viewing yourself through the eyes of another can be a very enlightening experience. It happened to me recently. What I saw was one part funny, one part mortifying and one part confusing. I hope my attempt at fractions made sense. A single word is just not sufficient to describe the impact of my realization of how much of my time is devoted to foolishness.

  • Firefighters receive donation
  • Wearable activity monitors

    According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the top fitness trend for 2017 is wearable technology. Wearable activity monitors, such as smartphone apps and wearable devices, are commonly used and can play an important role in health behavior change.
    Use of wearable activity monitors such as activity trackers, smart watches, heart rate monitors and GPS tracking devices has shown to increase handler’s physical activity level. By checking your device a few times each day, you can see your progress and that can motivate you to gradually increase your movement.

  • It’s not too soon to think about calving season

    Calving season will be here before we know it. Providing sound management during that time can mean more live calves, which translates to more profit for you.
    It is impor-tant to have a short calving period to allow frequent obser-vation and assis-tance if needed. Some specific things a producer can do to limit calf loss include:

  • Perspective is one lesson we should teach through sports

    The Kentucky Standard
    Within the sports world, we often see many layers of day-to-day society played out within the lines. Sports is often great at highlighting the best values we have to offer, such as sportsmanship, camaraderie, teamwork and the joy of competition. But there’s always another side to the coin. Those intense emotions of the games can bring out the worst in us, as well.


    All A
    4th Grade—Hannah Chilton, Addison Mosley, Brennen Corley, Hayden Gividen, Donovan Prince, Kaylanie Walter, Mattie Smith, Landon Tuttle, Elane Wightman, Jolie Wilcoxson and Jayleigh Willis.  
    5th Grade—Farrah Rucker, Bree Turner, Adeline Howerton and Hope Smith.
    6th Grade—Jett Chu, Audrey Howerton, Olivia Jones, Kinley Kunkel, Shelby McKinney, Taylor Sexton and Adelyn Weaver.  
    All A & B

  • Trimble County High School cheerleaders host cheer camp

    By Trevor Browning
    Special to The Trimble Banner
    Over the weekend, the Trimble County High School cheerleaders experienced an entirely new concept: teaching. This past Saturday the squad held a cheer camp at the high school for the benefit of young girls and, possibly, future cheerleaders in the form of a fundraiser, which also helped to raise money for the squad’s endeavors.

  • Lady Raiders continue to roll