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  • Trimble 8U baseball action
  • River locks and dams get plenty of use

    FRANKFORT, Ky. – Kentucky River locks and dams Nos. 1 through 4 opened to boaters on May 22 for the first time since major renovation work began in 2007.
    Now 82 miles of the Kentucky River are navigable from Frankfort to its mouth at the Ohio River.

  • Trimble County Sheriff’s Department Call Log

    Monday, June 8
    5:38 p.m., 911 hang up, 57 Heather Dr.
    6:13 p.m., process service, 100 block of Hwy 42 W.
    7:22 p.m., ATV on highway, Mitchell Rd.
    9:00 p.m., process service, 100 block Hardy Creek Rd.
    9:17 p.m., process service, 100 block Hwy 421 N.
    9:23 p.m., process service, 200 block West St.
    Tuesday, June 9
    8:12 a.m., abandoned vehicle, Bells Ridge/42.
    12:05 p.m., domestic abuse, Kidwell Pike.
    1:29 p.m., investigative follow up, 1720 Highland Ave.
    4:11 p.m., suspicious vehicle, McCord Ln.


    Items published in court news are public record.
    The Trimble Banner publishes all misdemeanors, felonies and small-claims judgments recorded in district court, as well as all civil suits recorded in circuit court. Juvenile court cases are not published.
    Crime reports are provided by local law enforcement agencies. Charges or citations reported to The Trimble Banner do not imply guilt.
    The following cases were heard the week of June 15:

  • Burley: The writing on the wall

    It is time to face the writing on the wall; the demand for burley tobacco is in terminal decline worldwide.  
    The burley industry has seen years of underproduction following the Buyout, due to the great exodus of growers. All that is changing and we are reaching a level of oversupply that cannot be corrected. In fact, for the first time since the buyout the supply and demand for burley tobacco have crossed negatively when graphed.
    What does all this mean to you as a burley tobacco farmer?

  • Understanding sunscreen

    We often hear how important it is to use sunscreen.  But have you ever wondered what all of those sunscreen numbers mean and which one is best for you?  Sunscreen is a way to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.  Even when the day looks overcast, ultraviolet rays can damage your skin.

  • Mother Loki

    The stork of the canine world saw fit to deliver unto us a squirming, writhing, whining, yelping litter of beagles. A half dozen to be precise, although precision has never been my strong suit. Suffice it to say thanks to that infernal bird, and the callousness of the one who abandoned the dog in the first place, we are awash in four legged infants.

  • Students becoming innovators with summer STEM program

    Special to The Trimble Banner
    For the past three years Trimble County Middle School has offered an enrichment class entitled STEM, which is an acronym for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. This class allows students to utilize critical thinking skills, become innovators, design a multitude of projects, problem solve and have fun while learning.

  • Trimble County High School Class of 1970
  • Raiders meet basketball coach Stacey May

    The Trimble Banner
    The 2015-16 Trimble County Raiders boys’ basketball team members and their parents were introduced to the new varsity coach last Thursday in an informal meeting at the Bedford Elementary School.