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  • TCMS cheerleaders take first at NKCCA competition
  • Scholarship applications being accepted

    The Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative Association is proud to announce that the 2017 BTGCA Scholarship applications are now being accepted.
    The Burley Tobacco Growers Cooperative will award ten $2,000 scholarships to students for the 2017-2018 school years. It is a great way for our organization to help our farm families as they work to provide educational opportunities to their children.

  • KDA proposes legislation to help feed the hungry

    FRANKFORT — The Kentucky Department of Agriculture has come forward with legislation to help businesses and individuals who wish to donate food to organizations that serve hungry Kentuckians.
    “These measures would provide incentives and protections for those who want to join the fight against hunger in Kentucky,” Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles said. “This is due to the work of the Hunger Task Force, which met for the first time last spring. This is just the beginning of our efforts to reduce food insecurity in the Commonwealth.”

  • Trombones

    I joined band in 5th grade. Our band director made the instrument assignments. I suspect this was designed to prevent a band comprised solely of flutes and trumpets. Upon reaching me the band director sized me up with an appraising eye and announced,
    “Crystal, you have long arms you can play trombone.” And thus my fate was sealed.

  • Make your next work meeting healthier

    It seems like we see the typical donuts and pastries at every work meeting we attend. This can be trouble for individuals trying to maintain a healthy diet, considering a single donut or pastry could contain 300 calories or more. Next time, try serving some healthier food options. Below are some suggestions for healthier snacks for any time of day.
    ·Pass the water. Be sure to have cups on hand for a water fountain or bottled water as a beverage option. Bypass the sugar-sweetened beverages including soda and fruit juices.

  • Trimble 43, West Carter 27

    The Trimble Banner
    Trimble’s lady hoopsters squared off against a much younger and smaller team Friday after advancing to the quarterfinal round of the All A Classic. West Carter’s roster included three sophomores, four freshmen, six eighth graders and one seventh grader, with nobody in the lineup stretching a measuring tape past 5’7”.

  • Trimble 35, Presentation 23

    The Trimble Banner
    The Trimble County Lady Raiders opened play in the All A Classic Wednesday morning with a 35-23 defeat of Presentation Academy out of Louisville. The game marked the fourth appearance in the prestigious tournament for small schools for a Trimble County girls’ basketball team.
    The Lady Raiders ran out to a quick 12-5 advantage in the first eight minutes of play behind sharpshooting sophomore Bailey Duke who scored 13 of her game-high 15 points in the first half, including nine points from beyond the three-point arc.

  • A time to play and a time to pray
  • Nation must find a way past the current political divide

    By Chip Hutcheson
    The Times Leader
    It seems as though the political divide in this country worsens with each passing day. So much that it makes you weary of watching the evening TV news. You become prone to skip over posts on social media which, quite often, are irresponsible, to say the least.
    Count me among the multitude in the “fed up with it all” category.

  • Stop. Just stop - and breathe

    After deep and serious thought, I think I have a solution for all the world’s major problems:
    Everybody stop.
    Just stop. Take a breath. Step back. Chill out.
    Protesters, go ahead and protest, but you don’t have to riot, so put down your bricks and rocks. Stop looting. Stop damaging people’s property. Stop shouting obscenities -- and clean up your litter on the streets.
    People need to stop their violence, beginning in the home. Stop beating your wife or your boyfriend or your kids. Stop getting drunk. Stop doing dope.