Today's News

  • Church to show ‘God’s Not Dead’

    GracePoint Baptist Church, located at 549 Carmon Road in Campbellsburg, will present “Saturday at the Movies,” this Saturday, Feb. 28 at 6:00 p.m. Featured film to be shown is the movie “God’s Not Dead.”
    If you have ever struggled with issues of faith, wondered if God is real or even why He doesn’t stop bad things from happening, then join the GracePoint Baptist congregation for a special series based on the movie.

  • Loving/hating God’s rescue

    Here’s the dichotomy: One of the things I love most about God is also the thing I hate most.
    His help is always on time. Always. He is never, ever late. But he’s also rarely, if ever, early.
    And it makes me crazy. Grab the bottle of Xanax crazy.

  • House forwards key bills to Senate

    Like most of the state, the Kentucky House of Representatives saw its schedule put on ice last week because of the snow and plunging temperatures.
    While the damage and outages did not cause the same level of devastation that Kentucky experienced in 2009, there has been one constant between now and then: The tireless work of our road crews, first responders, hospital and utility workers and those who have kept our local businesses open. I know many pitched in as well to donate food and clothing for those in need and to check on their neighbors and friends.

  • Despite weather Senate meets to pass seven bills

    Despite the bitter cold and record-breaking snowfall throughout the Commonwealth, the Senate convened Thursday and Friday to do the people’s work. With the session nearing the halfway point, Thursday and Friday were active days on the Senate floor.
    Bills were heard on the floor that ranged from health care issues, freedom of expression, agriculture, and the towing industry. In all, seven bills were passed to start the short legislative week.

  • Trimble County Sheriff’s Department Call Log

    Monday, Feb. 9
    7:54 a.m., assisted motorist, Trimble County High School
    12:13 pm., process service 1500 block Gills Ridge Rd
    2:15 p.m., meth lab, 127 Sprague Ln
    Tuesday, Feb. 10
    8:40 a.m., process service, 700 block Wayne’s Ln
    10:39 a.m., suspicious individual on scene, Bedford
    11:55 a.m., process service, 200 blockPlainview Ct
    11:54 a.m., Emergency Medical Services call, 204 Mt Pleasant Rd
    12:01 p.m., juvenile out of control, Bedford Elementary School
    3:42 p.m., burglary, Sunnyside Dr

  • Thomas retires from IKEC plant

    Clifford Carnes, Plant Manager of the Indiana-Kentucky Electric Corporation’s Clifty Creek Plant in Madison, has announced the retirement of one of the company’s employees.

  • Valentine Royalty

    Saturday, Feb. 28

  • TCHS Basketball Senior Night