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  • Miracle: Test improvements ‘Huge’ for Trimble schools

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    Trimble County Schools have been declared “Distinguished/Progressing” and a “High Progress District” with the release today of scores from the 2015-16 Unbridled Learning Assessment and Accountability tests by the Kentucky Department of Education. The tests were administered during the spring of the 2015-16 school year.

  • Kentucky Farm Bureau Ag Day at the park
  • Allergies
  • Battling fall allergies

    There’s a lot to look forward to in the fall, but if you suffer from fall allergies, it can be hard to enjoy the season.
    Hay fever, also called allergic rhinitis, starts with cold-like symptoms. Unlike a cold that goes away within a week, hay fever lingers until the cause of the allergic reaction is identified and treated. One of the most common causes, especially during the fall allergy season, is ragweed. Ragweed begins to pollinate in mid-August and sticks around until a hard freeze.

  • Steve David steps down as H1 Unlimited Chairman

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    Longtime fan favorite Steve David has stepped down as chairman of H1 Unlimited after two seasons at the helm. David is a retired champion driver who competed in Unlimited hydroplanes from 1988 through 2013. David served as driver for the Miss Madison Racing Team from 2001 until his retirement. During all of those years the team was sponsored by the Oberto Sausage Company.

  • HomeStreet/Miss Madison wins San Diego race, repeats as national high point champion

    By Craig Fjarlie
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    SAN DIEGO--Jimmy Shane drove U-1 Miss HomeStreet Bank/Miss Madison to a convincing victory at the HomeStreet Bayfair Regatta for the Bill Muncey Cup on Mission Bay Sunday. He took the lead going into the first turn of the winner-take-all final heat and was never seriously challenged. 

  • Berea College honors Erin Gonterman

    Erin Gonterman of Berea College earned last week’s Women’s Cross Country Runner of the Week honors. At the Centre Invitational, Erin finished third overall in the race with a time of 20:19 in the 5k. The Berea College Mountaineers finished first to capture the team title. Centre finished second, Asbury third and Kentucky State fourth in the meet. Gonterman, a junior, is a Trimble County High School graduate. Her parents are Mickey Gonterman and Betsy Gonterman.

  • Football falls at Ludlow
  • Trimble has strong week despite losses to Oldham and Ballard

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    “I think we should have beat them because I believe we’re as good as they are. That’s what is frustrating to me as a coach!”

  • Athletic complex expenditures addressed

    Dear Readers,
    As we continue to get closer to Election Day I continue to hear of certain questions or statements that are made concerning the nickel tax. It has been my goal with my weekly article to provide as much factual information as possible and clear up misconceptions as I hear them. Please understand that there have been valid questions and concerns asked in the past months and I have been happy to have those brought to me. This week is no different. There are two items I would like to address this week.