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  • Horse industry wants equine tax equity

    FRANKFORT—Supporters of Kentucky’s $4 billion horse industry will hoof it to Frankfort next legislative session intent on getting an equine sales tax equity bill passed into law.

  • So This Is Halloween?

    What has happened to Halloween?  Every year I launch into the planning and development phase of my All Hallows Eve décor. I develop a theme, search for props, and throw myself headlong into the project. Last year I saw a decoration with an intriguing name at a particular store. As I considered this item I was disappointed in the lack of imagination that went into the design. Stealing the name, I immediately began to plan my vision.

  • Talking turkey: Tips for selecting and preparing your special holiday bird

    To ensure that foodborne illness isn’t a guest at your holiday table, follow these tips from USDA when buying and preparing your turkey.
    When buying a turkey, allow one pound per person. If you buy a fresh turkey, check the “sell by” or “use by” date to make sure that it really is fresh, and buy it only 1 or 2 days before you cook it.

  • Using body condition scores as indicators of herd health

    Early winter is an optimum time to prepare your spring-calving herd for reproductive success. Adequate nutrition from about 50 to 80 days prior to calving is critical to maximizing a cow’s ability to rebreed and maintain a 365-day calving interval according to Les Anderson, University of Kentucky Extension Beef specialist. A cow that gets inadequate nutrition or is thin at calving and breeding will take longer to come into heat and will require more services to conceive.

  • Corrected TCHS honor roll

    EDITOR’S NOTE: The honor roll information published last week for Trimble County High School was sent to us in reverse order. The corrected version is published below.
    All As
    Freshmen: Cree Beeles, Billy Bell, Logan Clifford, Hannah Congleton, R.J. Corley, Alexis England, Brody Fugate, Zachary Haller, Alyssa Hano, Seth Kunselman, Dane Lacefield, Jessica Liter, Keegan May, Storm Mitchell, Hannah Miracle, Landon Sutherland, Lauryn Tuttle, Sandra Washington and Grant Weaver

  • Third Annual Toy Drive in Memory of Christopher Goodin underway

    From now until November 25th, 2015, Elisabeth Goodin, through the Trimble County Middle School Beta Club, will be collecting toys and other items to donate to the Child Life Program at UK Children’s Hospital. In the past two years, the club collected over 375 items and would like to double that donation this year.
    Drop off places for donations are the Trimble County Middle School and Trimble County Adult Education Building from 8-3 Monday through Thursday. All items will be taken to UK on Wednesday, November 25th.  

  • Ways to determine if your child is the one bullying other children

    Dear Readers,
    For the past two weeks I have tried to offer some information concerning the very important issue of bullying. This week’s article is the last I will write on this topic for now and I will hope that the information has been useful. In the first installment I defined bullying and explained the many forms it can take, in the second I discussed signs to look for and steps you should take should your child be bullied. This week I want to discuss how to determine if your child is the bully and what steps you should take once this is discovered.

  • Don’t forget Saturday’s BES PTO Fall Festival

    Special to The Trimble Banner
    Back by popular demand is the Bedford Elementary School Parent Teachers Organization Fall Festival, which will be held this Saturday at the school, located at 204 Mount Pleasant Road north of Bedford.
    The event returns after an absence of one year and the organizers are excited to be offering good food, games, fellowship, a crowning of royalty and an auction. The PTO has implemented a “hunter’s lunch” due to the festival being on opening day of deer season.

  • Congratulations, ‘Runnin’ Raiders,’ on state run!
  • Resolution urges judges to treat Christians with dignity, respect

    ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. – Kentucky Baptists object to what they see as a growing anti-Christian bias in the U.S. judicial system, and they’re calling on judges to treat followers of Jesus with respect and dignity afforded them by God and the U.S. Constitution.
    Messengers to the Kentucky Baptist Convention Annual Meeting at Severns Valley Baptist Church in Elizabethtown passed a resolution Tuesday that serves as a reminder that the First Amendment guarantees the free exercise of religion to every U.S. citizen.