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  • Congregation closes doors, Wesleyan facility up for sale

    The Trimble Banner
    A “for sale” sign in the front lawn of the Milton Wesleyan Church signals the close of a community ministry that began more than 90 years ago in the small river town.

  • George & Beverly Rawlings Women’s Center opens at LaGrange

    La Grange, KY -- Expectant parents who deliver at Baptist Health La Grange will now do so in a newly-renovated $2.5 million George & Beverly Rawlings Women’s Center
    The new Women’s Center includes an expanded nursery, two new OB triage rooms for monitoring expectant mothers, all-private post-partum rooms and Labor/Delivery suites with updated furnishings and décor, new operating room for C-section procedures, dedicated lactation room and expanded family waiting areas.

  • Eclipse shines a light on the past

    By Stuart W. Sanders
    On August 21, Kentucky will be the epicenter of a rare total solar eclipse. From Bowling Green to Paducah, thousands of visitors will come to Kentucky to view this phenomenon.
    Nearly 150 years ago, on August 7, 1869, the Bluegrass State was the focal point of another total eclipse. Just like today, astronomers and curious travelers flocked to the state to watch the moon obscure the sun.

  • Bird houses for a good cause

    By Trevor Browning
    Special to The Trimble Banner
    The Trimble County Clerk’s office is selling customizable bird houses for $20 apiece. The bird houses, which are made from recycled license plates deemed unusable by the state, are a product meant to benefit and raise funds for The Veteran’s Program Trust Fund as well as the Kentucky County Clerks Association’s “H.A.V.E. Program”: which stands for “Help a Veteran Every Day”.

  • Comer introduces promising industrial hemp legislation

    By Austin Ramsey
    The Messenger Inquirer
    Republican congressman James Comer said new industrial hemp legislation he filed in the House on Friday has the credibility and bipartisanship it needs to become law.
    The Tompkinsville lawmaker representing Kentucky’s 1st Congressional District managed to find support from both sides of the aisle and even sway GOP leaders who have stamped out industrial hemp efforts in the past.

  • ‘Ag Tag’ donations soared in ‘17

    FRANKFORT — Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner Ryan Quarles announced Monday that voluntary “ag tag” donations in the 2017 fiscal year that ended June 30 amounted to $629,865.43, setting a record for the largest amount donated since the program began.
    The voluntary donations are divided equally among Kentucky 4-H, Kentucky FFA, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture.

  • Slice

    I have a long, unfortunate and adversarial relationship with sharp-edged objects. The list of the things I’ve managed to hurt myself on grows longer by the month. Yes, I said month. Many companies have signs to highlight how many days the employees have gone without an accident. Any sign of mine would be embarrassingly short, if not blank.

  • At the farmers market: corn

    For some of us, eating fresh corn off the cob is one of our top summertime, food-related experiences. Corn is one of the many great offerings at the roadside produce markets this month.
    Farmers harvest corn in July and August in Kentucky. You can boil, steam, roast, microwave or grill it. It is naturally sweet so try to avoid using butter, salt or other seasonings that make it unhealthy. Instead, flavor with fresh lemon or lime juice, or season it with fresh herbs like thyme, paprika, garlic powder or black pepper.

  • Senator Thayer: Parents and teachers should push for longer summers for students

    Kentucky General Assembly

  • Trimble County’s public library and its mark on the community

    By Trevor Browning
    Special to The Trimble Banner