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  • Riddle arraigned in Cable murder case

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    Timothy Riddle was arraigned in Trimble County District Court Tuesday in connection with the Valentine’s Day shooting death of his former girlfriend, 38-year-old Lora Ann Cable, at her place of employment, First You Medical Center located at 18 Alexander Avenue just off U.S. Highway 42 in Bedford.

  • Marlena Robinson arraigned on animal cruelty charges

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    Marlena Robinson was arraigned in Trimble County District Court last week on 97 misdemeanor charges and one felony charge related to the rescue of 14 horses and the finding of numerous equine corpses on a farm on Perkinson Lane in Trimble County.

  • Teacher Spotlight: Samantha Weaver

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    One of the most influential film directors of all time, Federico Fellini, was once quoted as saying that “a different language is a different vision of life.” In my experience, I have found that Fellini’s lease on bilingualism was not far from true. As obscure as it sounds, whenever I reflect on what made me the person I currently am, I contribute an enormous amount of credit to my years in Spanish Class under the tutelage of Mrs. Samantha Weaver.

  • School board members voice concerns over declining enrollment numbers at meeting

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    Dr. Bob Wagner was in attendance at the Feb. 15 meeting of the Trimble County Board of Education to provide the Board with the tentative FY 2017-18 School Allocations Report.  The State Regulation (702 KAR 3:246) stipulates that the Board must approve a tentative allocation to school councils by March 1. The final allocation will be due on May 1.

  • Trimble County High School FFA’s year in review

    By John-Michael Sachleben
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    The year of 2016 was a great rebuilding year for the Trimble County FFA Chapter. Many great things have happened or have been put into motion for the benefit of our FFA Chapter. To start off the year new officers were elected. These included President Ian Reams, Vice President Katie Via, Secretary Brooke Huff, Treasurer Donovan Liter, Reporter John-Michael Sachleben, Sentinel Isaac Schwarz, and Committee Chairman Haley Howard.

  • Into the Blue

    This Friday I will be embarking upon my first plane ride. I have been on a helicopter but the chopper had the good sense to remain within eyeshot of the ground. The jetliner will be unwilling to show this courtesy. I will be in the big leagues.
    I am fully aware that it seems strange that I’ve never had this experience. After all, my mother-in-law hops on a plane to visit family on a regular basis. She’s quite the little traveler.

  • Make the voluntary ‘ag tag’ donation, invest in state’s youth

    By Ryan Quarles
    Kentucky Commissioner of Agriculture
    FRANKFORT — You are proud to be a farmer. That is why you buy farm license plates for your farm vehicles. When you renew your farm plates – or “ag tags” – you have the opportunity to make a voluntary donation to the Ag Tag Fund to help support and promote Kentucky agriculture

  • Working through the grieving process

    It’s normal to feel angry when a loved one dies.  It’s normal to feel sad, helpless, anxious, guilty, lonely.  Survivors commonly experience a flood of emotions. This is called grief.
    The greater the loss, the more profound the feelings of grief. Grief is not pleasant.

  • Timing fertilizer and pasture yields

    Many producers have already started planning pasture and hayfield fertilization. Pastures require nutrients to reach peak productivity. These nutrients are derived from several sources including residual nutrients in the soil, the breakdown of manure and soil organic matter, and nitrogen produced by N-fixation in leg-umes. Most importantly, nutrients are supplied to plants through the application of commercial fertilizer and lime.