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  • Fire under investigation
  • Nickel tax recall petition turned in to county clerk

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    Trimble County School District Board of Education Nickel Tax Recall Committee has submitted its petition challenging the school nickel tax levy to the Trimble County Clerk’s office.
    Trimble County Clerk Tina Browning said the petition containing 595 names was turned over to her office Tuesday morning.

  • Murder case stalls pending DNA tests

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    In Trimble County Circuit Court last Thursday, the cases of five individuals accused in the murder of a La Grange woman were continued pending DNA results.

  • Nickel tax recall petition certified by county clerk


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    The petition submitted July 26, 2016, to Trimble County Clerk Tina Browning by the Trimble County School District Board of Education Nickel Tax Recall Committee challenging the school nickel tax levy has been officially certified.

    “We certified the petition this morning,” Browning said Thursday, July 28. “The committee sent in a total of 595 names of which we found 541 qualified voters—54 names were scratched on guidance from the county attorney for various reasons.”

  • State court system ready to provide resources for felony expungement under new law

    FRANKFORT, Ky. – The Administrative Office of the Courts is offering resources to help those who want to apply for a felony expungement now that House Bill 40 has into effect.


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    The following cases were heard in Trimble District Court during the week of July 18, 2016, with the Honorable Judge Diana E. Wheeler presiding:

  • More acreage preserved at Perryville Battlefield site of state’s largest battle

    PERRYVILLE, Ky. – The Civil War Trust has declared victory on three properties totalling 70 acres associated with the historic 1862 Perryville battlefield. This latest preservation success story was the result of a national fundraising campaign conducted by the Trust earlier this year. With the addition of these 70 acres, the Trust has helped save 1,027 acres at Perryville, the site of Kentucky’s largest, bloodiest Civil War battle.

  • Fruit fly phone fails

    My daughter calls me Fruit Fly.
    She explained this choice because, “You have the attention span of a fruit fly!”
    Fruit flies drift through life in a cloud. I live my life in a perpetual state of distraction.  Fruit flies don’t sting or bite but they do have the exasperating habit of flying into your eyes or up your nose. I’m not particularly mean. I am exasperating, but I will give your eyes and nose a wide berth. I exasperate in many, many other ways!

  • Financial considerations for after retirement sets in

    We hear a lot of financial advice about planning for retirement but receive less advice about what to do with our money once retirement sets in. If you are retired or will be soon, here are some tips to make your money go further.
    Create a budget. Knowing how much money you have coming in and going out sounds so simplistic, but it is so important. Think about all your income sources. For many people this includes Social Security benefits, employer sponsored benefit plans and personal investments.

  • Increased boat count needed for additional races on H1 schedule

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    The 2016 H1 Unlimited racing series resumes this weekend in Pasco, Wash., where nine unlimited hydroplanes will compete for the HAPO Columbia Cup on the Columbia River. Although it is the final weekend of July this is only the second race of a five-event season for the world’s fastest competitive watercraft.