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  • Signature Christmas visitors
  • Meet Andrew Stark: Trimble’s new director of Emergency Management

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    He may be the new director of Trimble’s emergency management, but he is not a stranger to disasters, tragedy and emergency response teams due to his long list of organizations he works or volunteers for. Andrew Stark is committed to ensuring the citizens of Trimble County are safe and sound in all situations.

  • TCHS Drama Club presents musical ‘White Christmas’ next week

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    The sheer excitement of theatrical arts and unending joy of the holiday season is about to collide, as the Trimble County Drama Club is gearing up to perform their next spectacular show: a special rendition of Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas.”

  • Trial date to be set at January hearing in Hall murder case

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    Five defendants facing charges in connection with the Nov. 2015 murder of Oldham County resident Angela Hall are scheduled for a pretrial conference in Trimble County Circuit Court at 9:00 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 19, 2017.

  • Christmas decor in Bedford
  • Beware seasonal employment scams

    FRANKFORT, Ky. – Attorney General Beshear is warning Kentuckians to be wary of seasonal employment scams targeting those looking to make some extra cash for the holidays.
    The scam often appears as an online advertisement seeking a mystery shopper, package or shipping position or similar employment where Kentuckians can work from home and receive immediate payment.
    Here is how the scam often plays out:

  • Hometown hero turns 40

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    According to Webster’s Dictionary a hero is a man admired for his courage, fortitude, prowess (great skill), and courage. Words that have been utilized to describe Michael Shelley have been kind, caring, courageous, high achiever, delightful and dedicated. Therefore, he is considered one of our hometown heroes!

  • Hog killing with the old timers

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    I post entries on the Trimble County Historical Society’s Facebook page from John L. Wright’s journals he kept from 1909-1943. In the year 1915 at this time of year they were getting ready for “hog-killing.” He wrote that they had gone to get the gammon sticks and I was asked what those were. I know many of the old-timers will remember how this is done and it is a dying art—and farming IS an art.

  • Ping Pong Weather

    “If you don’t like the weather wait a few minutes and it will change.” I firmly believe that this statement should be added to the signs marking our state lines. The past few years have seemed to become increasingly capricious. We apparently have run out of springs and falls and dive directly into summers and winters. Ouch! This makes me sad.

  • How to cook a country ham

    Country ham is a regional delicacy that many of us enjoy but may not know how to properly prepare. Here are some tips and tricks to make country ham the star of your holiday dinner.
    l Country hams may contain mold, which is a result of the curing process. Mold is normal, but it could produce mycotoxins which could cause a food-borne illness. Remove mold by washing the ham with hot water and scrubbing it with a stiff vegetable brush.
    l Soak the ham for 4 to 12 hours in the refrigerator.
    l Cover with water and boil the ham for 20 to 25 minutes per pound.