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  • Bedford receives audit, recognizes Darrell Harmon for 22 years service

    The Trimble Banner
    Jeffery Woods of the firm Raisor, Zapp & Woods, PSC addressed the City of Bedford Commissioners on the Audit for FY 2015-2016 ending June 30, 2016, during their Dec. 20 meeting. He reported certain items out of compliance due to personnel turnover. These items were presented to the City with recommendations and the City reported they would comply and correct the errors.

  • Drama Club’s ‘White Christmas’ a great success

    By Trevor Browning
    Special to The Trimble Banner
    Last week, the Trimble County Drama Club kicked off their 2016-2017 season with their performance of “White Christmas,” which, unlike most iterations of the holiday classic, was loyally based on the 1954 film and was also the first known stage adaption of said treatment—meaning that some of the songs from the film like “Minstrel Show,” “Mandy” and “Choreography” were included in the show and performed for perhaps the first time on the Trimble County stage.


    Managing Editor
    Bedford residents decided by ballot vote Tuesday to allow sales of alcoholic beverages within the city limits by a 21-vote margin, according to Trimble County Clerk Tina Browning.

  • All I want for Christmas... Part 10

    To me Christmas is giving to each other and seeing your loved ones. Christmas is also about the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas isn’t about getting gifts it’s about giving gifts. Be grateful you get gifts.  
     Kendra Wynn, Age 11
    Mrs. Thorpe’s                       6th Grade Class
    Merry Christmas
    Christmas Merry
    Christmas Bright
    Christmas Sleigh
    Through The Night

  • All I want for Christmas... Part 9

    Snowy Woods
    Snow, snow, snow
    I watch you fill the woods with snow
    And people walk throw you making a crunch, crunch, crunch noise
    I make a snow angel
    Which brings me happiness
    And sometimes you make me cold
    The wind against my thick coat
    Make me love winter snow
    So much more
    Katrina Smith, Age 10

    Christmas Memory
    So much depends
    Grandma’s house.
    With presents
    And a bunch

  • All I want for Christmas... Part 8

    Dear Santa,

  • All I want for Christmas... Part 7

    Dear Santa,
    Thank you for giving gifts to all of the boys and girls. I would like a baby doll, baby clothes, clothes for me, and books.
    Elane Wightman

    Dear Santa,
    I would like to thank you for all of the presents you have given me over the years. This year for Christmas I would like the videos, “Finding Dory,”  “The Secret Life of Pets,” and “The BFG.” I also want I Do 3D and a jel a pel. I will leave a snack out for you.
    Jayleigh Willis

    Dear Santa,

  • All I want for Christmas... Part 6

    Dear Santa,
    Hello, my name is Logan.  I am 7 years old.  I am in second grade.  How do you get into a house without a chimney?  How are you doing? How many reindeer do you have?  This year I would like these gifts.  I would like a 6-pack Fanta, Mindcraft story mode, X-box one, Call of Duty Ghosts. I think I have been good this year.  Here’s what I have done to earn these gifts.  I cleaned up my room.  I’ve been good.  I’ve done chores.  Your friend,
    Logan Craig

  • All I want for Christmas... Part 5

    Dear Santa,
    How are your reindeer?  I would like a real dirt bike.  I love you! Your friend,
    Ethon Jenkins
    Dear Santa,
    How are your reindeer?  I would like a Pokeman Stadium 2.  I believe in you! Your friend,
    Jeffery Moore
    Dear Santa,
    How are your reindeer?  I would like a a lot of cars.  I believe in you! Your friend,
    Mason Murray
    Dear Santa,
    How are your reindeer?  I would like a tablet.  I love you! Your friend,

  • All I want for Christmas... Part 4

    Dear Santa,
    I am writing to you about the gift I want most for Christmas, Zombie John Cena. This is because John Cena is my favorite wrestler, ever.
    Cooper Cull, Age 6

    Dear Santa,
    I think a smart watch is the best gift for me. This is because it makes me feel like I have an IPhone.  I think it would be fun play with and to own.
    Ashlynn Boaz, Age 7

    Dear Santa,