The above photo was discovered in The Trimble Banner archives. If you know who is being featured in this photo, or when and where the photo was snapped, send an e-mail to editor@mytrimblenews.com or call (502) 255-3205. LAST WEEK’S PHOTO: Joseph Tomlinson and Barbara Reed called to identify Nina Coffin (center) in the Feb. 8 photo. Fess Whitaker of Crestwood also identified Coffin in the picture along with his mother, Ruby Whitaker Housemeyer (right). A reader also left a message identifying Whitaker, however their name was not recorded in the voicemail.
Looking Back & Do You Remember | Feb. 15

Feb. 18, 1988

(30 years ago)

The Trimble County Rescue Squad purchased the Jaws of Life. The equipment was bought with money borrowed from the bank and members planned to sell baked goods and take donations in order to pay off the purchase. “This is one of the best tools ever purchased,” said Sheriff Howard Long. “We’ve called Madison three different times last year. With these here, we won’t have to call them. It’s essential to have such a tool, it’s a tool that can save time and lives.”