Craig Lacefield
The Trimble County Middle School eighth grade Raiders are shown listening to instructions from coach Brett Miller during a recent game.
Trimble County Middle School basketball roundup

Recent 8th grade scores
Trimble 48-Owen 38. Scoring-Shane Mills 10, Evan Stevens 9, Logan Clifford 6, David Duncan 5, Grant Weaver and Logan Rodgers 4, Brody Fugate and Mathew Boyle 3 and Dane Lacefield 2.
Trimble 43-KCD 33. Scoring-Clifford 10, Weaver and Mills 8, Lacefield 7, Duncan 6, Duncan Ralston and Stevens 2.
Trimble 47-Henry 20. Scoring-Stevens 11, Duncan and Lacefield 6, Boyle, Rodgers and Clifford 4, Ralston and Sutherland 3, Weaver, Fugate and Mills 2.
Recent 7th grade scores