Dave Taylor
Local residents were anxious for the new Milton-Madison Bridge to be reopened to traffic following the record-breaking lateral slide of the 2,428-ft, 30 million ton structure from temporary piers to rehabilitated concrete piers last week. Spokespersons for highway departments on both sides of the river estimated it would take approximately a week to complete inspections, road connections to the bridge and other work before the bridge is reopened to traffic. At press time on Tuesday there was no word on how soon the reopening would occur.
Record slide accomplished, motorists anxious to go

Area motorists were anxious to get back into the normal routine of traversing the Milton-Madison Bridge after the massive structure was moved into place last week.

The record-breaking 55-foot slide of the Milton-Madison Bridge from temporary piers to its permanent, refurbished piers was completed on Thursday afternoon, Apr. 10.