Today's Features

  • Thursday, Nov. 19
    The Trimble County Senior Citizens offsite Nutrition and Bingo at Fairground Apts at 1:00 p.m.
    Friday, Nov. 20
    The Trimble County Senior Citizens Commodities from  12:00 to 2:00 p.m., followed by going out to eat and shopping at LaGrange.
    Saturday, Nov. 21
    The Trimble County Historical Society will hold its November meeting at 1 p.m. at the Trimble County Public Library. The election of officers will beheld during this meeting.
    Monday, Nov. 23

  • The City of Milton issued the following statement regarding REACH ALERT:
    “The City of Milton is now part of REACH ALERT. This emergency response plan will allow us to notify our Milton residents of any situations they need to know, such as Boil Water Advisories for Milton water customers, road closures, broken water lines, weather, etc.
    “To sign up for this alert:
    1. Call 1-877-307-9313 or
    2. Go to www.reachalert.com to sign up, click CREATE ACCOUNT, follow prompts and enter your contact information, enter Milton when asked which network.

    Special to The Trimble Banner

  • Monday, Nov. 2
    10:26 a.m., juvenile beyond control, 9245 Hwy. 421 N.
    Tuesday, Nov. 3
    8:25 a.m., miscellaneous complaint, Milton Elementary.
    9:09 a.m., animal complaint, Hwy 421 N.
    4:01 p.m., burglary, Ogden Ridge Rd.
    4:13 p.m., burglary, 2714 Bells Ridge Rd.
    10:19 p.m., knock and talk, 4248 New Hope Rd.
    Wednesday, Nov. 4
    2:26 p.m., nonemergency medical transport, Our Lady of Peace.
    6:03 p.m., inspection, 168 Trout Ridge Rd.
    Thursday, Nov. 5

  • Items published in court news are public record.
    The Trimble Banner publishes all misdemeanors, felonies and small-claims judgments recorded in district court, as well as all civil suits recorded in circuit court. Juvenile court cases are not published.
    Crime reports are provided by local law enforcement agencies. Charges or citations reported to The Trimble Banner do not imply guilt.
    The following cases were heard in Trimble District Court during the week of Nov. 2:

  • What has happened to Halloween?  Every year I launch into the planning and development phase of my All Hallows Eve décor. I develop a theme, search for props, and throw myself headlong into the project. Last year I saw a decoration with an intriguing name at a particular store. As I considered this item I was disappointed in the lack of imagination that went into the design. Stealing the name, I immediately began to plan my vision.

  • To ensure that foodborne illness isn’t a guest at your holiday table, follow these tips from USDA when buying and preparing your turkey.
    When buying a turkey, allow one pound per person. If you buy a fresh turkey, check the “sell by” or “use by” date to make sure that it really is fresh, and buy it only 1 or 2 days before you cook it.