Today's Features

  • April 12, 1984 (30 Years Ago)
    Trimble County High School juniors Amy Andrew, Mark Perkinson and Jamie Proctor have been selected to attend the 1984 Governor’s Scholars Program by Governor Martha Layne Collins. The five-week special enrichment program will be held this summer at the University of Kentucky and Centre College. The program, held last year for the first time, offers a broad range of courses, speakers and activities.

  • March 15, 1984 (30 Years Ago)
    Formal sentencing of Parramore Sanborn is scheduled tomorrow following a guilty verdict in the murder of Barbara Heilman of Campbellsburg. The Henry County jury recommended the death penalty in handing down the sentence against Sanborn who was convicted of the Oct. 12, 1983 kidnapping,  rape, sodomy and stabbing death of Heilman. The case consumed about 214 hours during 37 in-court days.

  • February 23, 1984 (30 Years Ago)
    The Trimble County Fiscal Court approved a pre-application for a grant to purchase a tract of land to be added to the county recreation park during their recent meeting. The court proposed to make the preapplication to the Department of Local Government for assistance under the Land and Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965. Estimated cost of the park addition is $67,000. The land is located next to the present park facilities on Highway 421 and belongs to Jim Wood.

  • Nov. 3, 1983 (30 Years Ago)
    District Court Judge Julia Fields ruled Tuesday that the Bedford firehouse is a public place. She said that she believed that the public use and public function with volunteer firemen overrides the private ownership interest in the firehouse. The point of whether or not the firehouse was a public place or a private one had been brought up in the defense of a young fireman who was cited for drinking beer in a public place after  Kentucky State Police Trooper Phillip Marshall passed by the firehouse on May 22 and saw the beer.

  • The Milton Elementary School’s fourth grade honor roll for the third nine weeks, published last week, was incorrect due to the wrong information being supplied by the school. The corrected fourth grade honor roll is as follows:
    All A
    Brody Cull, Kagan Craig, Chloe Boehnlein, Arianna Blair, Kaci Huff and Morgan Overton.
    All A and B
    Savannah Crawford, Harrison Felts, Andrew Meador, Bailey Nichols, Sean Spurr, Chaynon Wynn, Colton Auxier, Kailyna Loos, Isabella McDole, Sada Pender, Mitchell Sparks and Tayten Vonch.

  • Black cherry trees grow in abundance across Kentucky’s landscape. These trees are an important timber and wildlife species, yet can cause cyanide poisoning in livestock, according to Jeff Stringer, University of Kentucky Extension Forestry Specialist.
    The leaves of the trees, especially wilted ones, are high in cyanic acid, which can kill livestock, including horses, by depriving them of oxygen.

    Offered @ Breakfast Daily:Milk/Juice/Fruit/Cereal/Toast
    Breakfast -- free
    Lunch -- $1.95
    Milk  -- .45
    Offered Daily:  Milk / Juice / Chef Salad / Yogurt
    All bread is whole grain

    Monday, Apr. 28: Pizza, Garden Salad, Corn, Fresh Fruit or Pear Half.
    Tuesday, Apr. 29: Lasagna w/breadstick, Glazed Carrots, Peas, Apple or Pineapple.
    Wednesday, Apr. 30: Chicken Tenders, Steamed Broccoli w/cheese sauce, Baked Potato, Kiwi or Fruit Cocktail.

  • By Charles Liston
    Special to The Trimble Banner
    The Trimble County Middle School BETA Club provided an uplifting presentation to the members of the Bedford Rotary Club on April 15.
    This was a great opportunity for the Rotary club to learn more about these fine students and their excellent work, and a reminder to us of the talent and service dedication of these honor students.

  • Sara Cooley graduated 5th in her class from Trimble County High School in 2010. She has been at the University of Louisville for the past four years and on May 10th will graduate earning her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.
    She plans to work for Kosair’s Children’s Hospital after obtaining her professional nursing license. She has worked as a nursing assistant at Norton Audubon Hospital for the past year and as a Resident Assistant for U of L Housing for the past two years.