Today's Features

  • Sept. 10, 1987 (30 Years Ago)
    Seventh grader Susie Sachleben has been showing hogs in 4-H since 1983 and it paid off this year at the Kentucky State Fair as she brought home ribbons and trophies in open show exhibition, including reserve junior champion and reserve grand champion with her Yorkshire sow. In 4-H exhibition, Susie won grand champion, seven blue ribbons and five red ribbons.

  • Every weekday at noon I post a question of the day on the Chronicle’s Facebook page.
    Sometimes it’s a fun question about food -- everybody likes food. Sometimes it’s about a local or national issue.
    The questions are meant to get people engaged with the newspaper, although sometimes they get people enraged -- with the paper, with each other, sometimes with me just because I asked a question.
    If I know one thing about human nature it’s that people love to be offended and they love to feud, take sides, lob bombs and throw mud at others.

  • The Wee Beastie (my Car) has determined that the time has come to pull more, sinister tricks on me, its hapless owner and pilot. These latest stunts are blatant acts of revenge. The Beast is miffed because I toyed with the idea of purchasing a new car. I reconsidered and decided that the time was not quite right to make this change.
    This arrangement has suited me just fine. I know my Beast and all of her eccentricities. However, I neglected to take one thing into consideration; my car is nursing a grudge of monumental proportions.

  • Sept. 3, 1987 (30 Years Ago)

  • The other day I found an old, yellowed and brittle newspaper cartoon that I had cut out and saved.
    Dated from 1987, it’s a drawing of a woman sitting in a wing-back chair holding her knees with her feet tucked underneath her.
    The caption reads: “This year’s Irrational Fears Grand Champion worries, from her home in Madison, Wisconsin, about being caught up in a deadly lava flow.”

  • Mowing appears to be one of America’s great pastimes. Any day of fine weather will bring battalions of lawn tractors, push mowers and weed eaters to the front lines to do battle upon unruly grass. My husband is no exception; and lately, me.
    The Navy marked my husband in an indelible manner. If his hair has the temerity to grow an inch he whips out the clippers and puts it back in its place. Woe betide the stray tuft that dares to grow beyond its fellows. After a thorough inspection the rebellious lock meets its doom at the merciless blades of the clippers.

  • Tom & Myrna Persell of Milton announce the engagement of their daughter, Whitney Gayle Persell, to James Anthony Ellegood, son of Bryan & Stacey Ellegood and Wayne & Angela McCane. The wedding will be held at 4:30 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 14, 2017 at Richwood on the River.