Today's Features

  • Feb. 13, 1986 (30 years ago)

  • Recently I spent time with some people who are homeless.
    I had met some of them while tagging along at the annual countywide housing count, which is another way to say homeless count.
    Every year, people who care go out and find the people who live in the woods or in their cars or sleep in abandoned buildings and get as much information about them as they can.
    People who care want to meet these people’s immediate and ongoing needs with tents and blankets and stoves, and also their long-term needs.

  • Author’s Note-I have a series of stories titled “Standing in the Check Out Line” this is one of them.

  • During the Depression Era the so called hobo had a series of symbols which only their fellows could decipher. For example, a particular symbol informed other hobos a meal could be obtained at the house indicated.
    I have been given an invisible mark that can only be seen by cats. I believe this mark can only be read by cats. The meaning of this mark informs any feline within a mile radius that the bearer of this mark is a sucker for those with nine lives.

  • Thursday, Feb. 11
    Teen Movie Night: Mock-A-Movie 5-7 p.m. at theTrimble County Public Library. Middle and high school students are welcome to join us at the library for pizza and a funny movie! Bring your cell phone to text in your snarky comments and they’ll appear on the projector screen along with the movie! Please call Trimble County Public Library at (502) 255-7362 to register in advance.
    Milton City Commission meets at 7 p.m. at the Milton Municipal Building.
    Saturday, Feb. 13

  • Farm vehicle license plate renewal is just around the corner. As you purchase or renew your tags this year, please consider making the $10 donation on each licensed vehicle to support 4-H and help make the best young people better.

  • The new dietary guidelines were released in January and encourage all of us to make healthy eating choices throughout our lives to minimize our risks of becoming overweight or obese or developing a chronic disease like heart disease or diabetes. These conditions are often linked to poor diets and physical inactivity.