Features http://www.mytrimblenews.com/features/todaysfeatures en LOOKING BACK http://www.mytrimblenews.com/content/looking-back-231 <p> June 26, 1986 (30 years ago)<br /> Clyde &ldquo;Jack&rdquo; Greenwood died Friday, June 20 at King&rsquo;s Daughters Hospital, Madison, Ind. A native of Trimble County, Greenwood wore two hats in the community, that of county judge for 24 years until January of this year and that of newspaper editor for 11 years. He currently served as Editor Emeritus of The Trimble Banner-Democrat.<br /> Got rocks? http://www.mytrimblenews.com/content/got-rocks <p> Although I don&rsquo;t think it&rsquo;s terminal, it is chronic: I have a chronic case of CRS -- Can&rsquo;t Remember Stuff.<br /> That&rsquo;s the diagnosis one of my co-workers gave me the other day. He may or may not have been joking.<br /> I tell people all the time to please, please, please remind me of stuff. It&rsquo;s the CRS, folks. I just can&rsquo;t remember.<br /> At least I&rsquo;m not alone. The ancient Israelites had it too. They were always forgetting stuff, mostly the stuff God had done for them, even rescuing them from years of slavery in Egypt.<br /> Pray here, pray now? http://www.mytrimblenews.com/content/pray-here-pray-now <p> Moses had a problem, not the one in the Bible, but the one down at our neighborhood grocery store. &nbsp;<br /> Clumps http://www.mytrimblenews.com/content/clumps <p> I absolutely do not understand fashion. I realize that goes without saying if you know me, but I recently saw a commercial for a beauty product which baffled me.<br /> Summertime safety http://www.mytrimblenews.com/content/summertime-safety <p> Long summer days are here again! This is a wonderful time of the year to enjoy being outside, have BBQ and possibly even a vacation. While enjoying many different activities this time of year, make sure you are doing so safely.<br /> Enjoying the outdoors safely<br /> One common injury during the summer is sunburn. Make sure that you apply sunscreen in the morning and every two hours throughout the day while you are outside. Remember that if you are swimming or sweating, you should reapply sunscreen more often.&nbsp; &nbsp;<br /> Kentucky beef cattle spring market update http://www.mytrimblenews.com/content/kentucky-beef-cattle-spring-market-update <p> Board clarifies alcohol policy http://www.mytrimblenews.com/content/board-clarifies-alcohol-policy <p> By CRYSTAL CAUDILLO<br /> Special to The Trimble Banner<br /> The Trimble County Board of Education met on June 15 at the Administration Building. Board Member Jodi Ginn asked for clarification to the high school&rsquo;s alcohol policy. The policy stated that a parent must accompany their child back to school in the event of an expulsion.<br /> Superintendent Steve Miracle stated that the wording should have been in the event of a suspension rather than expulsion. A second offense would require that the student appear before the Board for expulsion.<br /> Students use critical thinking skills and inquiry at STEM http://www.mytrimblenews.com/content/students-use-critical-thinking-skills-and-inquiry-stem <p> By TEENA DRAKE<br /> Special to The Trimble Banner<br /> For the past several years Trimble County Middle School has offered a class for two weeks in the summer entitled STEM. STEM is an acronym for the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. It is one of the newest fields of study that has become top priority in education, the emphasis being placed on students later pursuing degrees in STEM-related programs.<br />