Zen monastery not moving cemetery

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By The Staff


On Sept. 12, Bodhidharma Zen Monastery found out from our neighbors about the relocation of the Washburn/Moore family cemetery. After reading the news in The News-Democrat, we learned that Mr. Nam Do appears to be using the Bodhidharma Zen Monastery name for his request to relocate the cemetery off of his property for religious purposes.

As the president of Bodhidharma Zen Monastery, I would like to let everyone know that this Monastery has no connections with Mr. Do’s request. This cemetery is far away from the monastery’s land, and we never have any plan to build the worship place near the cemetery. From the beginning until now, all of our plans to develop the Zen Monastery are not on Mr. Do’s property.

This is not the first time that we believe Mr. Do has used the monastery name for his own benefit. This time we believe he has created a misunderstanding very dangerous for religion and caused a misunderstanding and a great harm for Bodhidharma Zen Monastery and the people who live here. As a monk, I do not wish to fight or sue, therefore, more than one time, we have wanted to move the monastery way from Mr. Do.

Because of this situation, Bodhidharma Zen Monastery demands an apology from Mr. Do for this misleading announcement. From now on, we request that he not use the Zen monastery name and address for his own interest in any case.

Bodhidharma Zen Monastery wants to emphasize that it has no connection with Mr. Do’s businesses and no connection to his request.

Luu Hong Ha


Bodhidharma Zen Monastery