Writer urges county to replace park’s tennis court

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By The Staff


More than 30 students within our school system currently are on the tennis team, but these students do not have a court to practice on.

They must travel by bus to Carroll County to actually practice on a tennis court. Thank goodness for the kind generosity of Carroll County.

While I understand the old court was removed in order to provide better parking for the senior citizens, why wasn’t a new court constructed prior to this?

To take the only court we had without building a new one is just irresponsible. Yes, we helped our senior citizens, but at the same time, we failed our student athletes and the adults who also used the old court.

Until a new court is built, these players cannot have a match on their home court. Rather, they must travel to other schools. I realize that to some this is not an important issue, because it is not basketball, football or baseball. But to these student athletes, it is.

We should be encouraging our students to get involved in school activities, not hampering them.

Studies have shown that students who are involved in organized sports and school activities earn better grades, have better class attendance, stay out of trouble, attend college and learn the importance of teamwork.

With the lack of interest that we are showing our students, it is like we are telling them they don’t matter – go ahead and stand on the street corner and smoke cigarettes, and while you are at it, go ahead and get into trouble.

But maybe the real reason is that these students can’t vote. Maybe if they could, the people who make these types of decisions wouldn’t continue to ignore them.

Judy Vilinskis

Bedford, Ky.