Writer concerned about comments on dispatch

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By The Staff


This letter is in response to comments made by Jimmy Pollard in regards to the position of Coroner in Carroll County. Mr. Pollard’s comments really didn’t surprise me knowing how disconnected and uninvolved he is in his own County.

In reading his letter, I believe that Mr. Pollard implies that the outcome of the Coroners election would determine whether or not Carroll County would continue to have a 911 Dispatch Center 24/7. Our 911 Dispatch Center receives 911 emergency calls for and dispatches for all city and county emergency services in Carroll County. Emergency services would include but not be limited to law enforcement, fire, ambulance, hazardous materials response and yes the Coroner’s Office.

I find his letter disturbing. I believe the idea of not having access to 911 services 24/7 in Carroll County can be terrifying for some of our residents.

Our 911 Dispatch Center has new and up to date equipment that was recently replaced by Department of Homeland Security grant funds. Salaries and benefits for the employees of our 911 Dispatch Center are paid by a joint effort between Carroll County and the City of Carrollton. When we tell our residents to call 911 if they have an emergency we really mean it, we do not follow that with a disclaimer saying (Only Between The Hours Of 8:30am and 4:30p.m.

I can tell the residents of Carroll County as well as Mr. Pollard that no matter who wins the election and becomes Carroll County’s next Coroner life will go on in Carroll County and we will continue to provide emergency services to the residents and visitors of Carroll County.

Amy Reed Carrollton

Editor’s note: This letter is published as a response to a political letter from Jimmy Pollard in the May 5, 2010 edition of The News-Democrat.