We must help starving children in Kentucky

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By The Staff


This letter is in response to Jane Proctor’s article in the last month about the 200,000 children in Kentucky who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. In the article, published just before Christmas, she asked for help for these children.

I’m so glad she did this, because I had no idea we had hungry children in Kentucky. After I read the article, I didn’t get any sleep all night, thinking I would get up to plenty of good food while these kids are starving. I asked people around here if they knew this, and they didn’t either.

When I was a little girl, this was something we heard about on the news about Third World countries. I’m purebred Kentucky, and I tell everyone, everywhere I go that I’m a hillbilly and proud of it. But I’m not so proud now, if little children are hungry. I ask myself, what can I do? I’m praying for God to show me.

There is a simple solution to this: If every county, every small town and city would search out and find these children in their own districts. The article said Central and Eastern Kentucky; this means mostly mountain people. You have to remember, the mountain people fought in the Revolutionary War and helped win our independence from the British. They were called the Green Mountain Boys.

Then after the war, people came over here from Europe and took the mountains away. Today, they hardly have enough farms to raise food. The same thing was done to the Indians long ago.

I have read every book I could find on Appalachian people, and I admire them very much. The One World Government with the help of the One World Religion is tearing down America and rebuilding the way they want it. I see it happening every day all around me.

We are not to fight this, because one day, God will make short work of this One World Government and the Religion that rides on its back.

We will be responsible for these hungry children. Jesus said, “I was hungry, and you never fed me; naked, and you never clothed me.”

When Jesus comes back, he will judge by God’s laws. He will reign and judge in Righteousness.

I paid $60 for a set of violin strings when I could have gotten a set for $18. I was so grieved in my heart. I didn’t know about the hungry children. I’m so thankful for Jane’s article. I have plans to write the governor or Kentucky and find out how I can help.

I do hope they put that $50 million to good use and feed these children, instead of building new-chartered public schools. We must feed our children first, and then educate them.

Rosie Smith

Bedford, Ky.