Water line insurance? Call Milton Water Co.

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By Dave Taylor

Another company is conducting a direct mail campaign in the Milton area attempting to solicit customers of the Milton Water Company to purchase an insurance policy that protects water customers from breaks in the water line that runs through the homeowner’s property from the water main.

The latest campaign is being conducted by American Water Resources of Kentucky. Milton city officials advise area residents to read their mail carefully before sending payments or giving bank information to anyone. Another company, Stamford, Connecticut-based entity, HomeServe USA Corp., was sending letters last August and prompted Milton Water officials to contact The Trimble Banner.

A check with the Better Business Bureau revealed that American Water Resources of Kentucky has had 26 customer complaints in the past three years. The Better Business Bureau encourages consumers to read any warranty or insurance policy prior to purchase and understand what is covered and any limitations of the policy, as well as whether what is covered is already covered under an existing homeowners’ policy.

Bedford insurance agent Rick Rand cautioned that area residents should seek advice anytime they receive a letter like this, and not automatically assume this is a bill that must be paid.

“I would certainly caution people to do two things,” Rand said, “call their insurance agent and call their water company and inquire what is this. Am I buying protection that I wouldn’t have under my homeowners policy. Call the city and ask am I buying protection on something that you’re responsible for the maintenance of. Some people may have a policy that doesn’t have all the bells and whistles. They need to ask whether they have this coverage and if they can’t get it (through their homeowners provider) then this may fill that gap. But anybody that gets a letter like that I would certainly caution them to call their agent and call the city water company and seek advice.”

Customers of the Milton Water Company are also encouraged to call ElmaSue Craig at the Milton Municipal Building (268-5224) if you have questions.