Voters: Boot McConnell, put Lunsford in Senate

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By The Staff


It is not for me to presume to tell anyone how they should vote. But I have made up my mind, and will take this opportunity to express my personal thoughts.

In the U.S. Senate race, I note that Bruce Lunsford has three times visited Carrollton and met a lot of people here. In the 24 years that Mitch McConnell has been in the Senate, I never recall him visiting our county.

But the thing that convinces me it is time to remove Sen. McConnell is that after 24 years, all he has achieved is that he has become one of the most powerful voices for his political party while ignoring the opportunity to become a statesmen working for all Kentuckians.

McConnell has failed to use his power to help the average Kentuckians. He has opposed laws that allow victims of corporate greed to obtain redress in the courts. He has favored the ultra-rich with tax breaks and opposed any increase in the minimum wage. He has used Senate rules 95 times in the past two years to defeat progressive legislation, and then blames the Democrats for the failure to adopt this progressive legislation.

It appears likely that Barack Obama will be elected President. I personally hope so. This gives an important advantage for Lunsford, if he is elected to the Senate.

Kentucky voters can be the deciding factor in who really controls the Senate if they remove McConnell. Lunsford, if elected, will be in a position to help Kentucky far more than McConnell can in the next six years.

And Bruce Lunsford knows where Carroll County is on the map.

Stan Billingsley