Voter to Trimble sheriff: ‘Where’s the beef?’

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By The Staff


I would like to publicly ask our sheriff:  Where’s the Beef?  

He promised us night patrols as part of his re-election campaign last time, but we still aren’t having any meat with our voting salad. We did get a U.S. Marshal, though – that really put the fear in our local delinquents and criminals!

We in the county have been experiencing a large increase of small crimes ranging from ATVs running up and down the roadways, vehicles racing at high speeds, vandalism, and theft of gasoline and/or diesel fuel from our tractors and vehicles.

Most of this occurs after 5 p.m., when our local law enforcement officials go home after a hard day at the local fairs and festivals or on weekends when they don’t work (except for the festivities).  

They are apparently sleeping very well, secure in the knowledge that again they have made the public gatherings a safer place for us all.  Meanwhile, have they ever gone to work or plow their field, only to find their vehicle is out of fuel due to an overnight theft?  Have you ever tried to get the State Police to patrol an area on a routine basis? They are so overworked that it’s impossible for them to give more than lip service to any calls for these patrols.

Since elections are starting to wind up, we would appreciate a little kiss this time to go along with the empty promises, since we’re the ones getting the shaft for our tax dollars!

Thank You.

Stan Lockhart

Bedford, Ky.