Voter believes county needs new commonwealth’s attorney

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By The Staff


I am compelled to write to the citizens of Trimble County about a judicial official we elected to represent our community. We need a fresh person who understands what it means to be a “gatekeeper” of the law, and that he or she must practice the spirit of the law, not the letter of the law.

It is my opinion that, because there has been no competition in recent elections, we have created an abomination with favoritism. The commonwealth’s attorney is our most important elected official. His job is to show honor, respect, report and filter. His job as an elected official is to investigate any case to the best of his ability. Justice cannot prevail if information is not investigated and verified by other superiors in the judicial system, whether it is the state of Kentucky or another state where policies may vary.

Once this has been completed, he is to present his findings to the judge ruling the case. However, to depend upon only staff, without supervision, to balance the scale of justice is not why we elected this official. By his dependence on others within our community and without using his law degree creates a “den of thieves” and as a population, people are placed in noncompliance with the law.

He fails to look further than the front door of his office or home (preferably his home). If he is not applying his knowledge, skill or law degree as gatekeeper of the law, then we are placed in the den and our community is in jeopardy because we vote, therefore allowing this elected official to continue his masquerade.

The commonwealth’s attorney of Trimble County has employed his wife as child support enforcement in our community. Do you really think that your case is not being discussed outside of the office? Or influenced by the woes of a woman for certain people to obtain justice? Does oil and vinegar mix? Or how about a tear shed to soften why she did something by mistake?

How can you possibly do your job without prejudice when your are in an intimate relationship with your boss?

It would seem to me that our commonwealth’s attorney is double-dipping from the state that contracts him and his wife.

So many intelligent, capable citizens who are not employed (due to our economic system) cannot have an oppportunity to work for our commonwealth’s attorney because he can’t fire his wife. It would be a greater value to those who can do this job without prejudice or conflict of interest. Do you really think he loves his community?

Perhaps our commonwealth’s attorney should answer this question, since he is an elected official who represents the citizens of this community. Beware of those who wear sheep’s clothing, for beneath they may be wolves.

I will not cast a vote to continue his position. How about you?

Dianna Morris Milton, Ky.  

(Editor’s note: Perry Arnold, the Trimble County commonwealth’s attorney, is up for re-election in 2010, along with all other elected officials in the county and in the cities of Bedford and Milton.