Variety of topics at February meetings

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The following are programs planned for February and aimed at producers and others involved in horticulture and agriculture.

Produce meeting

Capstone Produce Auction in Campbellsburg is sponsoring a Vegetable Produc-tion and Marketing meeting for all producers who may be interested in selling produce through the auction house this year.
The program is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 15, at the auction house.
Drs. Timothy Coolong, John Strang, Kenny Seebold and Ric Bessin, and Stephen Berberich, Extension specialists, will be on hand to discuss the following topics:

  • Season extension with high tunnels tomato focus
  • Irrigation and fertigation management
  • Producing quality watermelon and muskmelon
  • Disease management of tomatoes and cucurbits
  • Major insect pests and management of vegetable crops
  • Growing high-quality mums

For more information contact David Neville at Capstone Market (503) 333-3027 or online at CapstoneProduceMarket.com.
2011 Turf and Landscape Management Short Course
If you are in the landscape and lawn-care business, I encourage you to attend the 2011 Turf and Landscape Management Short Course at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Louisville, Ky., Feb. 21-25. Registration is $30 per person, per day of the conference.
On Monday, Feb. 21, turf and landscape management employees can receive training and pesticide certification in Categories 3, 10,12, 18,19 and 20.
Training will include pesticide types, understanding pesticide labels, equipment calibration, personal protective equipment, turf and ornamental diseases, weed identification and control, and pesticide laws and regulations.
An exam for certification will follow at the end of the day’s training.
Sessions planned for Tuesday through Friday include a broad array of topics in basic lawn care, golf turf, sports turf and landscaping.

31st Kentucky
Alfalfa Conference

Trimble County beef and horse producers should plan to attend the 31st Kentucky Alfalfa Conference on Thursday, Feb. 24, at the Fayette County Extension Office in Lexington.
The conference meets from 8 a.m to 3 p.m., and topics include:

  • Alfalfa varieties for today and tomorrow, by Dr. Ray Smith
  • Keys to getting a good stand of alfalfa, by Dr. Garry Lacefield
  • Making your fertilizer dollar go further, by Dr. Greg Schwab
  • Hay drying, preservatives, conditioning, ash content, by Dr. Dan Undersander
  • Alfalfa hay for horses: Myth vs reality, by Dr. Laurie Lawrence
  • Dollars and cents of alfalfa production, by Kenny Burdine
  • What’s mew in hay harvesting equipment, by Dr. Dan Undersander

At this time, I am not sure if there is a registration fee for the alfalfa program.
Lunch will be followed by the Kentucky Forage and Grassland Council business meeting.
For more information on any of these upcoming events, please call the Trimble County Extension office at (502) 255-7188.

Michael Pyles is Trimble County’s Cooperative Extension agent for agriculture.