Two vying for Circuit Court Clerk Tuesday

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By Dave Taylor

Trimble County voters will choose between two candidates –Stacy M. Bruner and John C. Edwards—to succeed incumbent Theresa Edwards for the office of Trimble County Circuit Court Clerk in next Tuesday’s Democrat Primary Election. Theresa Edwards is not a candidate for re-election.


Bedford resident Stacy M. Bruner, a lifelong resident of Trimble County is a 2002 Trimble County High School graduate. She is a 2004 graduate of Indiana Vocational Technical College with A.A.S. in Office Administration. Her current employment is as Deputy Clerk in the Trimble County Clerk’s Office.

Stacy, 27, is married to James E. (Chip) Bruner II. Her parents, James and Marie Robertson, reside in Milton. She is involved in a number of local organizations: Trimble C.A.R.E.S., Vice Chairperson; Trimble County Project Prom Committee, Vice Chairperson; Bedford Rotary Club, Trimble County Extension Council, Trimble County Homemakers Council, Treasurer; Trimble County Homemakers Association; Trimble Thimbles, Trimble County Youth Services Council and a past member of the Citizens Foster Care Review Board.

John C. Edwards, 32, is also a lifelong Trimble County resident. He is a 1998 Trimble County High School graduate. Edwards attended one year of college at Florida College and one year at Jefferson Community College. John is currently employed with AT&T Communications.

Edwards is married to the former Hannah Pennybaker. John and Hannah have three children: five-year-old daughter Ella and sons Parker, 4, and Sawyer, 2. He is the son of Theresa Edwards, Milton, and the late John Edwards. He is active in the following organizations: Trimble County Cattlemen’s Association, board member; Agricultural Development Board, Secretary; Milton Elementary School PTO, Trimble County Fair volunteer and the North Madison Church of Christ, serving as deacon and Bible class teacher.

The candidates, neither of whom have held elected office previously,  returned the following answers to a questionnaire prepared by The Trimble Banner:

Why did you choose to seek this office?

Bruner: I chose to pursue the office of Trimble County Circuit Court Clerk because it is my desire to provide the citizens of Trimble County with professional and courteous service in all aspects of the Circuit Clerk’s office as well as ensuring that court documents and proceedings are completed and recorded accurately per State statutes and regulations.

Edwards: I am seeking this office to serve my community and serve with integrity.

What strengths would you bring to this office, if elected?

Bruner: My strengths are working cooperatively with people as well as my keen attention to detail. I have had experience in a supervisory position as Chief Deputy of the Circuit Clerk’s office. I am capable of managing difficult situations and maintaining a professional, friendly attitude throughout.

Edwards: I have almost 12 years of experience with AT&T Communications, directly serving the public one-on-one. Every day I deal with conflict resolution, and strive to provide quality service. The Circuit Clerk has to be self-motivated, and my current occupation has prepared me to take a leadership role as Circuit Clerk.

Why do you feel you are the most qualified candidate?

Bruner: I believe I am the most qualified candidate because I am the experienced candidate. I will be ready to perform the duties of Circuit Court Clerk on day one, as I will require little if any job training. I was employed for nearly 5 years in the Circuit Clerk’s office, first as a Deputy Clerk, then as the Chief Deputy. I also have over 3 years experience in the Trimble County Clerk’s office where I currently serve as a Deputy Clerk assisting the community with vehicle tags and registration. Experience makes the difference.

Edwards: I made the decision to run for the office of Circuit Court Clerk in January, 2011. Since then, I have dedicated my time and energy to Circuit Court policies, procedures, and how best to run a public office. In December I passed the Circuit Court Qualifying Exam, the Kentucky requirement to file as a candidate for Circuit Clerk. I am going to do what it takes to successfully run the Circuit Clerk’s office. Honesty and discretion will be provided to the public. The office will be a model of efficiency and one of customer service- service you deserve and expect. I am prepared to enforce Circuit Court Clerk policies and procedures, and to ensure accountability pertaining to records and money management. As your Circuit Clerk I will have an open-door policy; if you have a concern I want to know what it is.

What do you see as the top three issues facing the city, in terms of the office you are seeking?

Bruner: The top issues regarding the Trimble County Circuit Clerk’s office are customer service and accessibility to the Circuit Clerk’s office.

Edwards: Honesty, efficiency, and accountability are essential in the Circuit Court Clerk’s office.

How do you believe you will influence those issues, if elected?

Bruner: The Circuit Court Clerk is the person who is responsible for the interface between the public, the judges, and the attorneys. Using my experience, I will make it my top priority to ensure customers have a professional and friendly visit to the Circuit Clerk’s Office. I will ensure that I and my staff complete the work correctly and in a timely manner to make the office as efficient as possible. It is also my intention to make the office more accessible to the citizens by either staying open late one day during the week or being open every Saturday morning.

Edwards: There is nothing more important in the Circuit Clerk’s office than honesty. You trust your money, records, and privacy to this office and it is important that you trust the people involved. I believe in listening and making the Circuit Clerk’s office a model of efficiency, with professional and considerate service. The Circuit Clerk is accountable to the public for the secure handling of money, and proper record-keeping; I hold myself to a high standard in my professional life, and will serve likewise as Circuit Clerk.