Two Trimble residents vying for Shelby Energy board position

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Shelby Energy customers are encouraged to attend the electric cooperative’s 75th Annual Meeting on Friday, June 22, at the Henry County High School in New Castle.

Cooperatives are unique businesses organized to provide a needed product or service based on the nonprofit principal. There are no stockholders in an electric cooperative. After all expenses have been paid, any remaining money is returned to the customers as capital credits.

Everyone who buys electricity from the utility is a part-owner. Each customer (member) has a vote in the operation of the business and may attend the cooperative’s annual meeting.

Shelby Energy is controlled by a six-member board of directors elected from its membership. The board then selects a President and CEO who, in turn, hires a staff to operate the business.

Trimble County is represented by two individuals on the Shelby Energy Board—Diana Arnold and Randy Stevens, both of whom serve District III, which encompasses Trimble County and portions of Carroll and Oldham counties.

Arnold was elected to the board a year ago. Stevens, who stands for re-election this year, has been a Shelby Energy Director since 2009. He serves as Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Stevens is being challenged at the election during next month’s meeting by Milton resident Sonia McElroy, who states in an advertisement in today’s issue of The Trimble Banner that she is part of “a movement … to reform Shelby Energy back to its intended foundations.”

Shelby Rural Electric Cooperative Corporation was formed in 1937. Within a year, Shelby RECC was bringing power to 108 consumers.

In 1997 the cooperative’s membership approved a name change to Shelby Energy Cooperative, Inc., to reflect the Cooperative’s involvement in electricity and gas.

In 2007 Shelby Energy’s customer base exceeded 14,865 with annual sales of more than $35 million. Shelby Energy has more than $50 million in physical plant and facilities.