Trimble Track Roundup

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Records set at Shelby

Trimble County’s track team had a “very impressive night” in the March 29 Shelby County All-Comers Meet in Shelbyville, according to Coach Jeff Vincent. New school records were set by Olivia Cooley in the Long Jump and Kelsie Courtney in the High Jump.

Team members registered 19 personal best performances, claimed four first place finishes and scored 35 top eight finishes.
Individual results for the Raiders are as follows.

Girls’ Results—100 Meter Hurdles:1st Danyal Adams 19.20. 100 Meter Dash: 5th Jessica Smith 14.20, 6th Chelsey Sparks 14.29, 27th Tori Durand 16.10, 35th Kiersten Ginn 18.60. 1600 Meter Run: 3rd Erin Gonterman 5:54.22. 200 Meter Dash: 8th Chelsey Sparks 30.14, 16th Jessica Smith 31.14, 17th Kayla Barnes 31.63, 19th Sara Kate Long 31.68, 24th Sara Kuner 32.50, 27th Shelbi Milliner 32.76. 300 Meter Hurdles: 1st Kelsie Courtney 53.72. 3200 Meter Run: 5th Kylie Wilberding 13:00.83, 8th Jessica Cooley 13:16.52. 400 Meter Dash: 6th Jessica Cooley 1:09.64.

More Girls’ Results—4x100 Meter Relay team placed 4th (57.76), 4x200 Meter Relay team finished 3rd (2:03.60), the 4x400 Meter Relay team finished 2nd (4:50.03) and the 4x800 Meter Relay team also finished 2nd (10:59.97). 800 Meter Run: 5th Olivia Cooley 2:44.24, 6th Brandi Chappell 2:45.71. Discus: 11th Rachel Schwarz 40-9. High Jump: 1st Kelsie Courtney 5-4 (new school record), 4th Kayla Barnes 4-2, 6th Danyal Adams 4-2. Long Jump: 1st Olivia Cooley 15-1.5 (new school record), 10th Kaite Gonterman 10-4.5. Shot Put: 9th Sara Kate Long 21-9, 14th Rachel Schwarz 15-2. Triple Jump: 1st Olivia Cooley 31-3, 2nd Danyal Adams 27-7.

Boys’ Results—100 Meter Dash: 23rd Zach Adair 12.47, 38th Brad Ginn 13.46. 1600 Meter Run: 5th Michael Baird 4:55.23, 12th Kyle Howdyshell 5:16.44, 15th Sam Moore 5:28.63, 21st Tray Robbins 5:36.55. 200 Meter Dash: 23rd Stuart Barnes 26.20, 24th Austin Rexroat 26.24. 300 Meter Hurdles: 9th Michael Gonterman 48.95, 11th Corey Bailey 53.54, 12th Brad Ginn 54.04. 3200 Meter Run: 3rd Michael Baird 10:43.73, 4th Kyle Howdyshell 11:09.09, 6th Sam Moore 11:44.49. 400 Meter Dash: 9th Kyle Puckett 59.43, 14th Austin Rexroat 1:00.83, 15th Zach Adair 1:01.60, 20th James Dunagan 1:02.87.

More Boys’ Results— 4x800 Meter Relay team finished 4th (9:12.21). 800 Meter Run: 4th Connor Ball 2:11.17, 18th Kevin Bailey 2:27.36.
Discus: 18th Jonathon Wilson 75-1, 25th Ryan Durrett 60-5, 27th David Marsh 56-0, 28th Corey Bailey 55-7, 29th Cj Cline 52-4. High Jump: 3rd Stuart Barnes 5-6, 9th Ryan Durrett 5-0. Long Jump: 8th Stuart Barnes 17-5.5, 13th Austin Rexroat 16-6.5, 21st Michael Gonterman 15-8.5, 25th Tray Robbins 12-6. Shot Put: 8th Ryan Durrett 33-6.5, 12th Cj Cline 30-7, 18th Jonathon Wilson 28-10, 22nd Corey Bailey 27-8, 25th David Marsh 24-9. Triple Jump: 7th Michael Gonterman 33-8, 8th Tray Robbins 28-0.5.

Girls win at Henry meet, guys take 3rd

Trimble County’s tracksters enjoyed Thursday’s Henry County All Comers track meet at New Castle. Kelsie Courtney again set a school record in the 200 Meter Dash. Fourteen athletes scored their personal best performances. Trimble finished first in the girls’ competition and third in the boys’ meet.

“It was an extremely fun night, Coach Jeff Vincent said. “We allowed our high school kids to pick and try new events. We called it a flip flop meet or fun night.  It was good to seeing the kids relaxed and having fun. We had 12 kids to even try the pole vault, which was very fun to watch.”

Middle and high school athletes competed together “and our younger kids did not back down,” Vincent said. “They held their own against the high school kids. The middle school athletes were amazing!”

Trimble County’s individual results are as follows.

Girls’ Results—100 Meter Hurdles: 11th Alanis Rosell 27.64. 100 Meter Dash: 2nd Jessica Smith 13.94, 17th Alanis Rosell 16.54, 19th Houston Lindsay 17.04, 20th NiNi Cabada 17.14. 1600 Meter Run: 1st Erin Gonterman 5:54.80, 3rd Morgan Chappell 6:09.40. 200 Meter Dash: 1st Kelsie Courtney 28.94 (new school record), 4th Jessica Smith 30.64, 8th Jessica Cooley 32.04, 16th Houston Lindsay 35.94. 3200 Meter Run: 1st Kylie Wilberding 13:04.50, 400 Meter Dash: 4th Brandi Chappell 1:12.24, 7th Sara Kuner 1:14.14, 8th Sara Kate Long 1:14.34, 13th Emily Tingle 1:18.24, 15th NiNi Cabada 1:30.04.

More Girls’ Results—4x100 Meter Relay: 5th 1:09.24. 4x200 Meter Relay: 1st 2:04.20. 4x400 Meter Relay: 3rd 5:07.30. 4x800 Meter Relay: 1st 12:13.80. 800 Meter Run: 3rd Olivia Cooley 2:46.30. Discus: 1st Danyal Adams 75-3, 8th Kaci Corley 47-4, 9th Rachel Schwarz 44-6, 14th Dakota Brown 33-2. High Jump: 5th Danyal Adams 4-4. Long Jump: 2nd Olivia Cooley 14-0, 10th Kirsten Baird 9-9.5, 12th NiNi Cabada 9-3.5, 13th Kaite Gonterman 9-3.5. Pole Vault: 1st Kelsie Courtney 7-6, 2nd Danyal Adams 6-6, 3rd Jessica Cooley 6-0. Shot Put: 6th Kaci Corley 18-7, 9th Rachel Schwarz 17-8.25, 12th Dakota Brown 15-0.5, 14th Houston Lindsay 13-8.5.

Boys’ Results—100 Meter Dash: 19th Bo Hawkes 13.34, 23rd Wyatt Adkins 13.74, 26th Carlos Silvas 13.94, 30th Calvin Brown 16.24. 1600 Meter Run: 4th Sam Moore 5:33.20, 5th Connor Ball 5:38.60, 13th Stevie Swanger 6:16.50. 200 Meter Dash: 9th Corey Bailey 26.94, 11th Brad Ginn 28.04, 12th Josh Rexroat 28.84, 13th Wyatt Adkins 29.04, 14th Jonathon Wilson 30.14, 16th Cj Cline 31.64. 300 Meter Hurdles: 4th Corey Bailey 53.84. 400 Meter Dash: 6th Bo Hawkes 1:05.74, 11th Ryan Blanton 1:14.54, 12th Stevie Swanger 1:17.54, 13th Calvin Brown 1:17.94.

More Boys’ Results—4x100 Meter Relay: 5th 54.84. 4x200 Meter Relay: 4th 1:49.70. 800 Meter Run: 1st Connor Ball 2:15.40, 2nd Kyle Puckett 2:18.80, 6th James Dunagan 2:24.40. Discus: 12th Jonathon Wilson 75-11, 23rd Jesse Swanger 67-2, 27th Ryan Durrett 63-7, 30th Michael Dunaway 59-7, 31st David Marsh 58-4. Long Jump: 4th Stuart Barnes 15-9, 8th Michael Gonterman 15-3, 19th Sam Moore 11-2.5, 20th Ryan Blanton 10-2.5. Pole Vault: 2nd Kevin Bailey 6-6, 3rd Stuart Barnes 6-0, 4th Connor Ball 5-0. Shot Put: 3rd Ryan Durrett 35-6.5, 5th Jonathon Wilson 33-7, 15th Cj Cline 30-4, 17th Jesse Swanger 30-2, 22nd Michael Dunaway 28-6.5, 24th Stuart Barnes 27-8.5, 27th Corey Bailey 26-8, 31st Kyle Howdyshell 26-3.5.