Trimble track results from Henry, Oldham

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The Trimble County High School track team competed in the Henry County All Comers Meet at New Castle on Tuesday, March 27, with both girls’ and boys’ teams bringing home second place finishes.

Trimble’s girls, with 64 points, were runners-up to North Oldham (132 pts), and placed ahead of Henry County (43) and Eminence (6).

Trimble’s boys, with 79 points, were runners-up to Henry County (117 pts), and placed ahead of Eminence. North Oldham did not bring a team to the boys’ meet.

Trimble’s female athletes and their events included:

100 meter dash—freshman Ashby Drake, 10th, 15.4; seventh grader Tessa Chilton, 16th, 16.5; freshman Courtney Matthews, 17th, 16.5; seventh grader Kelly Fitzgerald, 21st, 17.6; and eighth grader Nini Cabada, 22nd, 17.6.

200 meter dash—senior Kelsie Courtney, 3rd, 28.9; Tessa Chilton, 14th, 34.6; Nini Cabada, 17th, 37.4; and 7th grader Katie Liter, 19th, 43.6.

400 meter dash—eighth grader Morgan Chappell, first place, 1:07.1; eighth grader Kirsten Baird, 7th, 1:14.2; freshman Emily Tingle, 9th, 1:17.0; and senior Kayla Barnes, 10th, 1:21.7.

800 meter run—sophomore Erin Gonterman, 3rd, 2:41.9; 8th grader Kirsten Baird, 5th, 2:56.9; and Emily Tingle, 10th, 3:21.0.

1600 meter run—sophomore Erin Gonterman, first place, 5:54.8; freshman Kylie Wilberding, 2nd, 6:00.1; and Kirsten Baird, 3rd, 6:19.5.

3200 meter run—Kylie Wilberding, 2nd, 13:03.8.

100 meter hurdles—Ashby Drake, 4th, 20.0.

300 meter hurdles—Kelsie Courtney, first place, 51.4; and Ashby Drake, 7th, 1:07.6.

4x100 relay—Trimble’s team consisting of Ashby Drake, Morgan Chappell, Kayla Barnes and freshman Courtney Matthews, finished 2nd, 1:03.2.

4x400 relay—Trimble’s team consisting of Morgan Chappell, Erin Gonterman, Kelsie Courtney and sophomore Olivia Cooley, finished 2nd, 4:42.5.

High jump—Kelsie Courtney, first place, 5-07.00; and Kayla Barnes, 4th, 4:00.0.

Long jump—Emily Tingle, 5th, 11:.00.0; Nini Cabada, 6th, 10-08.0; Kelly Fitzgerald and freshman Shayla Crumley, 7th, 6-07.0.

Shot put—8th grader Bonnie Wilson, first place, 27-09.00; and Katie Liter, 11th, 14:02.00.

Discus throw—Bonnie Wilson, 3rd, 68-05; Courtney Matthews, 10th, 38-04; and Katie Liter, 11th, 37-03.

Trimble’s male athletes and their events included:

100 meter dash—junior Aaron Blanton, first place, 11.5; senior Stuart Barnes, 3rd, 12.1; junior Justin Williamson, 5th, 12.2; freshman Wyatt Adkins, 10th, 12.8; 8th grader Evan Simmons, 11th, 12.9; 8th grader Michael Russett, 17th, 13.4; and eighth grader Calvin Brown, 18th, 13.7.

200 meter dash—Aaron Blanton, first place, 23.5; Justin Williamson, 3rd, 26.3; Wyatt Adkins, 8th, 27.1; Michael Russett, 10th, 28.4; and eighth grader Collin Overton, 11th, 30.6.

400 meter dash—Justin Williamson, 3rd, 1:01.00; 8th grader Ryan Blanton, 6th, 1:05.4; 7th grader Garrison Sanders, 7th, 1:08.00; and Collin Overton, 8th, 1:08.7.

800 meter run—sophomore Conner Ball, first place, 2:14.5; and junior Kyle Puckett, 3rd, 2:26.5.

1600 meter run—Conner Ball, first place, 4:59.2; and Kyle Puckett, 3rd, 5:18.6.

300 meter hurdles—eighth grader Jonathan Papai, first place, 51.9; and Calvin Brown, 2nd, 53.1.

4x100 relay—Trimble’s team consisting of Aaron Blanton, Stuart Barnes, Wyatt Adkins and Justin Williamston finished in first place, 48.1; Trimble’s team consisting of eighth grader Josh Rexroat, Evan Simmons, Garrison Sanders and Jonathan Papai, 4th, 53.3.

4x200 relay—Trimble’s team consisting of Josh Rexroat, Evan Simmons, Garrison Sanders and Jonathan Papai, 2nd, 1:51.7.

4x400 relay—Trimble’s team consisting of Aaron Blanton, Conner Ball, Kyle Puckett and sophomore Christian Apel finished in first place, 3:53.9.

High jump—Stuart Barnes, 2nd, 5-08.00.

Long jump—Stuart Barnes, 2nd, 18-00.0; Josh Rexroat, 7th, 16-00.0; Michael Russett, 11th, 14-10.00; Ryan Blanton, 14th, 13-03.00; and Collin Overton, 15th, 10-02.00.

Discus Throw—Wyatt Adkins, 6th, 77-02.00.
Oldham County Kickoff Classic

On Friday, March 30, some of the members of the Trimble track team competed in the Oldham County Kickoff Classic Track Meet. A total of 16 teams participated in the event at Buckner.

“We had several good performances before the meet was called because of lightning,” Trimble’s first-year track coach David Apel said.

Trimble’s female athletes and their events included:

1600 meter run—Kylie Wilberding, 22nd, 5:55.60.

100 meter hurdles—Ashby Drake, 12th, 20.52.

800 meter run—Kylie Wilberding, 25th, 2:42.90; Shayla Crumley, 48th, 3:42.90.

High jump—Kelsie Courtney, 4th, 5-02.00.

Long jump—Olivia Colley, 6th, 14-09.50.

Triple jump—Olivia Cooley, 2nd, 30-03.00.

Discus Throw—Bonnie Wilson, 29th, 24-05.

Shot Put—Bonnie Wilson, 10th, 25-06.00.

Trimble’s male athletes and their events included:

1600 meter run—Christian Apel, 14th, 5:00.04.

400 meter dash—Bo Hawkes, 15th, 59.23.

100 meter dash—Bo Hawkes, 22nd, 12.99; Wyatt Adkins, 24th, 13.07.

800 meter run—Conner Ball, 8th, 2:07.45; Kyle Puckett, 19th, 2:17.45.