Trimble County

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Phyllis McLaughlin
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How do you feel about Trimble County? Do you have favorite memories or information (or questions) about the county's history? If so, please feel free to start a discussion here and get something started!

JillD (not verified)

My husband and I bought a home a little over 2 years ago in Milton. Right now we live in Columbus, Indiana, but plan to move to Milton full-time after my daughter graduates from high school which will be in about another year. I like Milton and Madison. I hope that Milton seizes the opportunity, when the bridge gets replaced, to spruce up the downtown area with some shops and maybe some restaurants. I think Trimble Co. should become a wet county and have a nice bar/restaurant on the river. My husband and I boat and know a lot of people who would enjoy it. Trimble Co. is losing a lot of tax money to Madison, IN by not allowing alcohol sales. I think the downtown area, just across from the bridge, could be restored beautifully and Milton could have their own festival every year, such as an Oktoberfest similar to the one in Seymour, IN.