Trimble County government

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Phyllis McLaughlin
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Have a question for Trimble County's judge-executive, magistrates or other officials? How about a comment or question pertaining to Milton and Bedford City Commissions?

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Trimble County Direction

I agree totally with the previous comments on this blog regarding the wet/dry law.
Wow, if Trimble Co. would allow at least limited alcohol sales maybe we could have a restaurant that could sell more than Hamburgers or skimpy $5 sandwiches!
I purchased a home and settled in this area about 7 years ago to initially be close to my healthcare position in Lagrange and family in Carrollton, thinking this was a great community on the cusp of economic growth; we had a small but thriving downtown it appeared, new subdivisions under development all over the County and I thought Bedford was on the edge of something good, but over the last couple of years, I see this counties retail businesses dropping like flies, heck we no longer even have a real grocery store in this County, a bare downtown, nothing to attract visitors and no efforts to attract new business or spark tourism in the area what so ever.
Coming from the outside real world to this area my observations are that this county has been poorly governed by the same good old folks with outdated / antiquated views for too many years and I feel for this County to ever make advancements in attracting new economic development, we may need to clean house! And in my opinion "It's time for a change"!
It would be nice if the area could at least move into the 20th century and we would still be behind our neighboring counties!
Thank you,
A Very Concerned, Trimble county taxpayer and Voter.

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Dry County

Do you all think as many Trimble Countians would be coming to Madison and leaving with DUIs if Trimble County wasn't dry?
It's high time to take Trimble wet. If there was a bar closer to home, perhaps the drinker could more easily get a ride instead of driving after drinking. Perhaps if one could go a couple miles up the road and pick something up to take home, one wouldn't be tempted to make the most of a trip to the city by also stopping in a bar.
It's a real joke to have two Dollar Stores yet nowhere to buy a beer. It's okay to operate Milton as a virtual sin city peddling tobacco and gambling to anyone that'll cross the state line, but selling alcohol would just be too much, huh? Even gotta loan shark down there with them. Why not add alcohol to the mix?
What is it, five places in Milton to buy cigarettes? Three of them are dedicated to tobacco sales, and probably a fourth as well. The population in and around Milton demands that much tobacco? No, those businesses exist to undercut Indiana's taxes. That's not exactly a moral thing to do. Don't get me wrong, I have absolutely no problem with the tobacco sales and love that they exist to make cheaper tobacco available. I'm only pointing out the tobacco sales to cut off any anti-alcohol arguments based on morality, because Trimble County is demonstrating that they don't mind such businesses.
It's time to do the county a favor, take it wet, build the economy, and make it easier for people to not drink and drive. They're already drinking. Trimble County isn't like other places in Kentucky where you have to drive through five counties to get a drink. Carroll County and Madison are pumping it in just fine.