Trimble County bands present spring concert

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A beautiful afternoon full of musical arrangements and a vast array of talented young people was the setting at Trimble County High School Sunday afternoon. The Jazz band, 6th grade band, 7th and 8th grade band, and high school band performed, led by director Matt Leedy.
Awards for the middle school students were given after each performance. The following were the recipients for the 6th grade: Most Outstanding Brass—Courtney Congleton, Most Outstanding Woodwind—Brianna Pettit, Most Outstanding Percussion—Mason Tilley and Most Improved—Tiffany Louden.
The following were the recipients for the 7th grade: Most Outstanding Brass—Thomas Cifranik, Most Outstanding Woodwind—Hannah Congleton, Most Outstanding Percussion—Bevany Phelps and Most Improved—Dakota Falconberry.
Award recipients for the 8th grade: Most Outstanding Brass—Caleb Fox, Most Outstanding Woodwind—Aaron Haney, Most Outstanding Percussion—Breanna Neal and Most Improved: Nick Thomas.
Members of the 6th grade band are: Jarod Ashcraft, Haylie Blackburn, Seth Burton, Eva Carson, Kayla Chandler, Blenda Chilton, Courtney Congleton, Kiauna Cosby, Morgan Davis, Elisabeth Goodin, Mackenzie Herman, Hayley Horton, Tiffany Louden, Joseph McDowell, Olivia Morgan, Jenna Overton, Jacob Perry, Brianna Pettit, Wyatt Potter, Breanna Sarver, Shaely Sullivan, Mason Tilley, Lane Webster and Samantha Wright.
Members of the 7th & 8th grade band are: Kaley Acre, Thomas Cifranik, Hannah Congleton, Becca Corley, Mary Daigle, Lucas Durand, Anastasia Ely, Christina Ely, Dakota Falconberry, Caleb Fox, Darian Fraley, Aaron Haney, Derrick Law, Trystan Liter, Breanna Neal, Breanna Perry, Bevany Phelps, Skyler Rowlett, Victoria Smith, Daniella Tebib, Nick Thomas, Andrew Tucker, Charity Villines, Loren Wallace, Sandra Washington, Weston Wentworth and Haley Wright.
Following are the members of the Trimble County High School Concert Band by section. The meaning for the letters or symbols beside their name are D= Distinguished Rating, AD= All District, UL= U of L Honor Band, * = First Chair, J= Jazz Band, AS= All State, AS2C= All State 2nd Cut.
Flute- *Ashley Brierly, Tristan Morgan, Gabbie Murray (D), Savannah Moore (AD), Kaitlynn Harmon, Destini Potter and Kendall Ely.
Oboe- Hannah Starks.
Clarinet-*Christian Apel (AS, AD, J), Olivia Cooley (AD), Maddie Withrow (D), Haylee Coleman, Bailey Overton, Dakota Branch, Bass – Morgan Keiner (AS2C, J, AD, UL).
Alto Saxes-*Kaylin Goff (J,D) and Miranda Combest (D). Tenor Saxes-*Brittany Garrison (AD, J, UL), Megan Hollaway and Emilee Matthews. Baritone Sax- Michael Dunaway.
Trumpet-*Alex Dixon (AD, UL), Carl Lake (AS, AD, J, D), Brantley Barnes (D), Jalen Cosby, Brian Haney, Sean Jaggers, Quentin Carson (J), and Marjorie Ewing.
French Horn-*Danielle Hereford (D) and Jenna Rowlett (D).
Trombone-*Tyler Stephenson (J), Mila Consley and Carrie Hornback (D).
Euphonium-*Lisette Thomas (AD) and Henry Rucker.
Tuba-Cole Wallace (AD, D, UL).
Percussion-*Sam Frye (AS2C, AD, D, D), Cody Branch (AD, J, D, UL), Donovan Liter and Zach Wright.
While watching the wonderful concert I took time to reflect on how great it felt to perform with a musical group. As a former band member the memory of having a sense of accomplishment is embedded in my mind forever. These students develop a since of pride, ownership and confidence from being a part of this group. It was their time to shine.  
As the students walked up into the bleachers I recognized that a majority of them are on the honor roll or earn a Distinguished on state testing; which is proof that incorporating the arts is important to education. It was a magnificent performance by all members and I am sure their loved ones are proud of each and every one of them.