Trimble alumni encouraged to enjoy TCHS centennial

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By Dave Taylor

This week’s edition of the paper may fill some youngsters with dread at the thought of another school year being just around the corner. For most, however, there is the anticipation of a new adventure and new worlds to conquer. For some parents, the term “back to school” brings a sigh of relief.

Today’s Section B has a wealth of information designed to help parents and students prepare for the 2011-12 school term. A Page 1 story encourages sixth graders to participate in a special event next week to prepare them for life as a middle schooler.

The 2011-12 school year marks the centennial of accreditation for Trimble County High School. A small group of alumni have met to begin discussions on how to enhance the centennial experience for both current students and those of years ago.

Several ideas have been discussed, not only to prepare for the centennial but how to increase attendance at the annual alumni banquet, the chief means of raising money for the annual scholarship given by the Trimble County Alumni Association to a deserving graduate to help advance their education. The date of the annual banquet has on occasion coincided with the Trimble County High School prom, which caused the attendance to be significantly reduced. Most alumni I have spoken with agree that the banquet date should be moved. Dates in March following the completion of the high school basketball season or in the fall have been the most frequently preferred.

Perhaps instead of recognizing only the 25-year, 40-year and 50-year classes, classes from every increment of five years could be recognized.

Individuals could sponsor a table and encourage classmates to attend and sit together. Other forms of entertainment could be pursued. Ideas include inviting the current high school band to present a concert, forming a alumni band and combining the current band students and alumni bandsmen to perform some songs together. Another idea is to stage a “celebrity roast” featuring former teachers or coaches. Longtime educators Vernon Craig, J.T. Peniston and Walter McHargue come to mind.

Alumni are encouraged to develop ideas for celebrating the TCHS centennial milestone and tie-in those plans with current faculty members to provide a different theme each month during the school term. Oral histories of past graduates could give today’s students a glimpse into what the high school experience was like for previous generations as well as preserving those experiences for future generations of researchers.

Current students and alumni of one southern Indiana school recently celebrated a centennial by decorating classrooms with memorabilia from different decades. They had a 1960s room with people, uniforms, yearbooks, music, etc. Next door was a 1970s room, a 1950s room and so on. This could be another scholarship fundraiser held in conjunction with basketball homecoming and include an old-fashioned sock-hop for youngsters and oldsters alike.

Other centennial events could include recognition of Trimble’s past standout basketball teams, including the girls’ Sweet 16 teams, and other standout players and teams from both Trimble and Milton schools.

If you have ideas or special memories of your high school adventure I welcome you to send them as Letters to the Editor.

As President of the Trimble County Alumni Association I plan to call another planning meeting of alumni as soon as the new Trimble County Public Library opens. I hope all of you will get behind this centennial event and make the 2011-12 school term a year to remember!