Times have changed; law experience needed

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By The Staff


If you read the newspaper two weeks ago, you would see Tim Coons has made sure our small county is well-covered, with a sheriff’s department that is rich in experience and professionalism, given the budget he has to work with.

I applaud those deputies willing to do this work for no pay. Thank you, Tim, for your adminstration’s way of saving taxpayers’ money.

So what if some of the employees of the department were not originally from or hired from within our county? If they are qualified and will be an asset to the department, by all means hire them if need be. I would be ticked off if I were not hired for my job solely because I did not live in Madison, Ind.

Life now is a far cry from what it was 10, 20 and even 30 years ago. I’ve lived here all my life, and living in this county was much more laid back. Neighbors knew neighbors; you could leave your house doors unlocked, leave your keys in your car and let your children move about the community without fear of something bad happening to them.

As we move into the future, growth is inevitable. With this growth comes change – some good, some bad.

If you notice in this newspaper, a sheriff’s call log is printed weekly. Emergency calls for the department have gone up four times what they were from previous years, before Tim Coons’ time. See for yourself some of the incidents that happen in this county weekly. That’s not taking into account all the miscellaneous calls they receive daily.

We are not the only local community experiencing hikes in burglaries, assaults, domestic violence, accidents and general complaints. You could have a dozen police officers patroling the streets and still those few spots that they don’t happen to be in at the moment are the spots that the incident occurs in.

Even with state police coverage, no one can be everywhere, but they are sure trying.

Yes, I do feel compassion for those who have had these crimes happen to them recently. But, it’s so easy to riducule the current office, expecially now that it is election time.

Proven experience, dedication to his job and this community, is leadership Trimble County needs. On May 18, make the right choice. Vote to re-elect Tim Coons for sheriff. He will continue to improve our sheriff’s department. He is a proven leader of our modern-day Mayberry.

If Tim Coons has not been by your house campaigning, there’s a good reason: He’s working to protect your community.

Vicki McQueary Milton