These are a few of my favorite Trimble County things

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By The Staff

Saturday, Feb. 6, marked my eighth anniversary with Landmark Community Newspapers Inc.

It is, by several years, the longest I’ve ever worked for the same company. And, the seven years spent as editor of The News-Democrat are my personal record for length of time spent in the same job.

Though I worked in Carroll County most of the years I’ve been in the area, I have been a Trimble County resident since 2005. Now that I’ve been at the Banner for nearly a full year, I have come up with a list of things I really like about living and working here.

First, I truly adore living by the Ohio River. Water seems to be an important theme in my life, as I have always tended to gravitate toward coastal areas. When I first moved here, I thought living near a river wouldn’t be as interesting. The oceans have their own rhythms, and change color and personality as the weather changes.

To my delight, I found that the river does, too. On gray days, it sometimes appears to be a bright gun-metal color; on sunny days, it can be the deepest of blues. On windy days, it has white caps – something I didn’t think I’d see on an inland river. My favorite “mood” on the river is on cold days, when the fog hangs right over it – so low and thick that you can’t see the water, but you can see the hills on the other side.

This week, the Trimble County crew at the state highway maintenance barn also is one of my favorites: They do an awesome job keeping the main roads clear – better than some neighboring counties.

I enjoy covering the schools. In my past job, we covered the schools a lot, but we had to balance it with everything else going on in the county. Here, it’s a slower pace and there are some weeks that, were it not for the schools, I wouldn’t have good front-page art or stories. 

I also really enjoy shooting sports. Basketball is probably the most fun, because it’s so fast-paced. But, I enjoy the others, and I’m looking forward to baseball and track – especially when the weather turns warm again.

The best part of covering a county with only one school district is that I can cheer openly when someone makes a great play without the worry of appearing biased. 

I have to mention, too, that while I was shooting photos at Friday’s games, I realized we have one heck of a Pep Band. They are probably the best-sounding pep band I’ve heard. I just wanted to send out kudos to the band members and band director Matt Leedy. I really enjoyed listening to them.

I also want to give kudos to the teams and the cheerleaders. Both take a lot of commitment, and I think you all do very well. I know Friday wasn’t a good night for either the girls or boys varsity teams, but you played your hearts out. North Oldham is a formidable opponent, and the girls, especially, gave them a run for their money.

I love the heart that Trimble County residents have. For instance, again, at Friday’s game, there were a group of individuals raising money – and awareness – for breast cancer and other research that is funded by the American Cancer Society Relay for Life campaign. 

Denise Hall told me Monday that the Lady Raiders, led by Coach Kerrie Stewart, raised $2,673 for their Relay team. That’s a nice chunk of change.

One other thing – I really think the Trimble County Park should be a source of pride for all of us. I hear complaints now and then about the amount of money the county spends on this facility. 

I think it’s a terrific investment. Nothing attracts new residents like good recreational facilities for children, and that park is filled with Little League, youth league and adult league games every time I drive past it, from spring through late fall. 

Trimble County has a lot going for it, and I’m glad to be part of its communities – as a resident and as editor of The Trimble Banner.