Thanks to Magistrate Hamilton

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I want to thank Magistrate Nolan Hamilton for the stand he took against the Trimble County ordinance concerning the sale of wine on Sunday. I appreciate that Nolan has values he is not afraid to stand by, even when he is in the minority.

Most of us have only heard the stories of when Trimble County was “wet” and the problems it created, especially for law enforcement. The presence of the winery is the first step that could lead to our county returning to those darker days.

Many of us do remember when Sunday was the day for church, a day of rest, and a day to be with family. Even that is becoming a memory and now we have an ordinance that wants to desecrate the Lord’s Day even more, all for the name of tourism. That type of tourism is not what Trimble County needs and certainly not the influence our children and youth need.

This winery has SIX days for their business. On November 21 at the second reading, I ask that the judge and all the magistrates leave Sunday (ONE day) alone.

Thanks for letting me share my thanks and my concerns.

Elaine Long