TCMS students raise funds to give African village clean water

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By The Staff


As a school-wide service project, Trimble County Middle School is buying a water purifier for a village in Zambia, Africa.

TCMS students have learned that, worldwide statistics show that one child dies from a waterborne disease every 30 seconds. The diseases spread because villages often have no access to clean drinking water. 

“They know that the water causes disease, but the children would die without any water at all,” said Michael Dunaway.

Dunaway said often, people in these villages have no choice but to drink dirty water. And women and children must walk miles every day just to get infected water.

The TCMS students learned about this problem through enrichment lessons and a presentation by the New Life International Water for Life Program. 

Eleven years ago, Duvon McGuire obtained a patent for a portable, closed-system water purifier, which runs off a car battery and table scale. He had worked on this invention for many years, because he had been sickened by contaminated water when he had traveled to Third World countries as a missionary. 

TCMS students are collecting money to buy the system through a penny drive during the school year. Students also have placed water bottles at several local businesses  to collect money from patrons. They also plan to sponsor a dance at the school as a fund-raiser.

The goal is to raise $1,000 for the project. The students are confident the goal can be reached, and welcome help from people in the community. 

“How many times a day do we turn on the faucet and get clean, clear water,” asks student Tyler Duffield. “The people in Africa can’t do that.”

“This project helps us to learn how to give back and help other people,” said student Alex Dixon. “Also, it reminds us to be thankful for everything we have, like clean drinking water. I think this project is going to a very good cause, and I believe we can reach our goal.” 

Brennan Kunkel agreed. “We’re going to reach our goal because we have generous students at Trimble County Middle School.”

TCMS student councilsponsors are Sue Ward and Cathy Thorpe. Carla Goins is the gifted education coordinator.

To donate, call the school at (502) 255-7361. 

For more information about the Water for Life program, visit www.waterforlife.org on the Internet.