TCHS sports complex project

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Phyllis McLaughlin
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So, the poll shows slightly more people who don't favor the board of education's plan for a new sports complex for Trimble County HS baseball, softball and tennis teams.

What do you think about the plan? Are you in favor of it? Or, do you think it's unnecessary?

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Of course I am in favor of

Of course I am in favor of this plan. The more sports projects the better, people need to understand that sports have an important role in education, as the matter of fact it's because of sports that I managed to get included in a leadership education program. That was an awesome chance for me.

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New sports complex

Although I am in favor of a new sports complex as I have a son at TCHS who plays sports and I am a believer that organized sports do indeed teach some good "life lessons" I am also concerned about a couple of other things as well. We have had two coach/teachers in the last few years who were caught having unacceptable relationships with students and in both cases it seems they had done this before and it seemed to be common knowledge among the students. This is highly concerning to me, who is responsible for screening these people? It seems they are not doing their job correctly and should probably be replaced. Another concern is that my older son who graduated from TCHS a few years ago was academically unprepared for college and has not been able to graduate. He did zero homework in HS yet was honor roll the entire way. I think this is a more basic and concerning reality that should be addressed before we worry about having an expensive sports complex.

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I am also in favor of the

I am also in favor of the sports complex, sports are a lot about physical and mental health and I think these should matter as high priorities too. We also have some pretty good sports teams and it would be a shame not to exploit this potential. I graduated from a local high-school and I remained a big sports fan even now, I have my own online betting account just because I have good guts when it comes to predicting score, it's a great passion of mine.

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Why punish any children?

Trimble County is building a ( I was told this) 3 million dollar sports complex yet the children in the high school cannot even bring books home to help them study because the school cannot afford books for the students. I have been out of school for a long time and have forgotten a lot of things that was taught in school but things have changed in school. It is not adding, subtracting, multiplying and division any more cause those names have changed. I have had two children graduate from Trimble County High School and when they would come to me for help with homework it would have been nice to have had a book to look at to refresh my memory or to even know what they were talking about sometimes but there was only one set of books for them to look at but they had to be left in the classroom for the other students to use during class.
Ya know, I thought that school was for learning, whether the students played sports or not. So if reading, writing and arithmatic is gonna take a backseat to sports, all the children are gonna be punished and 20 years from now how many people that are backing this sports complex are gonna sit there and say the kids these days just dont apply themselves and study like we had to when we were in school.
I am a graduate of Trimble County and I wish there was a better curriculum for the students to choose from like all of the surrounding schools. But until we give up on the prayers of putting trimble county on the map by getting a professional sports figure out of our school and try our hardest to get Trimble County on the map by getting the student G.P.A. above a "tolerable" level and giving them options that are offered to other schools then athe children lose.

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NO More Sports.

Why penalize the parents of non-sports players by pick-pocketing them so some kids can play sports? Or the even bigger offense of pick-pocketing the childfree that are already doing this overpopulated world a favor by not attempting to cram more people on it? If you kids want to play sports, you all need to do it privately. On your own time and on your own dime. I guess then you all would realize the horrendous expense of such folly. Paying the upkeep on the facilities, the utility bills to run them, the equipment costs -- Maybe then you all would realize the money being thrown into a hole in the name of sports.

Kid wants to play the violin, the piano, ballet, karate-- all those kids have to go to private facilities to learn and the parents pay. So if you'd rather play basketball instead of tap dance, go find a private facility to do it in.

Oh, but of course we all know how helpful sports is to a kid's future. Just look at Al Bundy --four touchdowns in a single game, yet he's a perpetually broke shoe salesman. I know where all the football and basketball all stars in my high school class wound up. Living at home, working McDonalds or in and out of jail on assualt and drug charges.
Playing sports gave them no preparation for the real world. It did give them a sense of entitlement though, and it is doing nothing for them. It has led them to believe that because they could put a ball through a hoop, they were owed a living and everyone in their lives existed to serve them. They found that to be not true, only too late. But thank god they got to spend four (sometimes five) years getting sweaty and running back and forth in front of a crowd.

So go waste your time on your own dollar, and gets your grubby hands out of my pocket.

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Sports Complex

I am for the sports complex!!! We need it desperately! We have no lights to practice or play games at night. Some may say well how will that benefit my child they don't play sports? My comment will be sorry, why punish the ones who do play because your child chose not to.