TCHS drama, dance groups perform

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On Saturday, Dec. 8, and Sunday, Dec. 9, the Trimble County High School Theater Department presented to the public, “A Winter Wonderland.” Also featured during the production was a dance by the new TCHS dance class and artwork from the art classes.

The theater department did not perform a traditional play, instead the students performed in a very fast paced showcase of talent featuring student solos, duets, monologues, skits, dances and instrumental performances.  

The students chose the format of the performance as well as what to perform for the public. One of the performers, Chad Massie, said, “I didn’t feel like we were going to be able to pull this one out with the cards we were dealt. But, somehow, despite all of our setbacks, we totally pulled this rabbit out of our hats.”

Chad was discussing some of the challenges the drama department has faced this year. They entered into the year to find that their sets, costumes and props were lost over the summer.

Then, their original drama director left mid-semester leaving them with a variety of substitute teachers not skilled in theater production. Finally, with four weeks left in the semester, a full time substitute was found. The students, at that point, voted to redo the entire structure of their traditional play and chose the format they performed.

With a little over four weeks, they were able to write, make sets, choose costumes, practice and perform.  This is an amazing feat, when most performances are practiced for at least several months.

An exciting addition to the play was the first time ever performance of a dance by the new dance class of Trimble County High School.  Student, Shayla Crumley, said, “I was really nervous. It went a lot better than I thought it would and everyone gave their all, they all tried really hard. I was glad at the way it turned out and very proud of my class.”

If you missed this show, the high school will be performing a musical in the spring. The musical has yet to be chose. Keep an eye out for the dates and times.