TCHS boys’ tennis attract ‘attention’

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By Dave Taylor

Trimble County High School’s boys’ tennis program has five returning players this season and three new faces. One of the new faces is Leslie Cutshaw, the new head coach of the boys’ tennis program this year.

“The 2012 boys’ tennis team has the potential to do really well this season,” Cutshaw said. Returning juniors Damon Copeland, Damon Husband, Nick Kleinhenz, Dylan Stethen and Reese True “have played together for a few seasons and played throughout last summer improving their skills. They are quite impressive, with different strengths of their own.  These returning players will be a force to be reckoned with.”

Trimble’s No. 1 doubles pair, Copeland and True won the 2011 North Central Kentucky Conference and the Carroll Invitational Tournament en route to compiling a winning season of 7-5.

Stethen, the No. 2 singles player a year ago had a 2011 record of 7-6. No. 1 single Nick Kleinhenz concluded his 2011 season with a 1-10 record.

Husband, new to the team a year ago, returns with a lot more experience and confidence, according to last year’s coach Vanita Fogle who is focusing on the girls’ tennis program this season.

In Trimble’s early matches with Gallatin, Shelby and Oldham thus far this season “they have already caught the attention of their opponents and other coaches,” Cutshaw said of her team.
“Our two newest players are Brandon Bird a junior, and seventh grader David Masterson,” Cutshaw said. “These two players have already played in two matches as a doubles team. They are catching on well and will improve as practice and experience are essentials in the game of tennis.”

Cutshaw has a fundraiser set for March 24, a fundraiser at the Bedford Subway, where from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. 10 percent of every designated purchase will go to the tennis team.

In June, Cutshaw and her team will host a Tennis Clinic for children in the fourth through eighth grades.

Meanwhile, Cutshaw encouraged community to support for the Trimble netters during the upcoming season. “We invite the public to come to any of our matches and if you are a student in the Trimble County Middle School or High School we encourage you to come join us,” she said. “These boys are great teachers and would like to share the game of tennis with you.”