TCHS band room needs repair

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By The Staff


The band room at Trimble County High School is a shambles. No matter how much the band director or the band members try to clean it, it still is in bad need of repair. 

The tile and carpet have been down for too many years to even mention. The walls are in need of repainting. Band members even state that there are ants in the carpet.

I understand this problem has been brought to the school board several times, but to no avail. Why? Isn’t the school band as important as any other function in a school?

The band is expected to be at all sport activities and other school functions. Also, many high school band members go on to college and pursue a career in music and the arts, so why not provide an atmosphere conducive to improve and become the best they can be?

I have personally seen the room and talked with members of the band. The room is a distraction to the band and anyone else who goes inside.  

An unasked question seems to be, “Why should I try when the school doesn’t even know the band exists except at ballgames?” I would challenge the school board and even the parents to stop by and look at what our band has in which to study and practice. The next home game is Oct. 16, which would be an opportune time to visit.

Replacing tile and carpet, as well as a few gallons of paint, seems a small price to pay in order to instill a desire in band members to succeed.

Please sign me: A concerned grandparent.   William L. Pearl Sr. Milton, Ky.