Suspension came for missing tennis practice

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By The Staff

As a parent of one of the varsity tennis team players that was put on disciplinary action last week, I just want to put the record straight on why these girls were not allowed to play tennis last Monday night against Gallatin County since that was not explained in the article in The News-Democrat or The Madison Courier.

I have been approached by several people asking what these girls have done because the rumor has gotten out they were disciplined for bad behavior, which is absolutely not true. These six girls were busy decorating for the Junior-Senior prom all day at the conference center. Coach Morgan informed them if they did not show up for tennis practice that they would not get to play on Monday so it was their decision to make and I back Coach Morgan 100 percent as he has to stand firm with his tennis program.

It is very sad to think that out of a class of more than 150 juniors, only 16 girls and one senior boy and three parents were there to help Ms. Eaglin put together the 2009 Junior-Senior Prom. The student body that attended the prom should appreciate Ms. Eaglin and these students for providing you with such a wonderful evening.

Carolyn Jones